Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice song

Damn love the music that is playing right now on my blog,
it's a mixture of 黑人 R&B and nippon kawaii voice, damn awesome!!
I'll be listening it in my Ipod touch non-stop already.
Hope that I can make this kinda song, maybe I can make it already...
If only I know how to make mp3, I'm currently restricted to midi using piano and guitar only. If only I can ultilise more music instruments in my music making...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



曲: R.

According to my plan, I have to come up with a happy song already now.
I recalled some happy memories, and kinda "charged up" for this song, so I did manage to complete the happy song I wanted.

I was kinda dried up, because to create a happy song, I must first have a happy memory in my head. But things weren't went according to my wishes this lately, and nothing really makes me happy.

Thanks to the person in this picture, I used to pick her up with a motorbike when I was at high school, thought I was very cool then, but after I dropped her in front of my school, I drove myself into drain!! Because that time I turned back to look at her. Damn Lost the coolness tat time, hope I got the chance to redo it right.

She rejuvenated my memories of my high school.
It was such a memorable days, sometimes I would smile myself when I remember it.

Ok, next song will be R&B slow rap. I wont be bother making it now.

Long hair..... should I cut?