Sunday, August 30, 2009

The work out

What's wrong with blogspot? the quality of the picture always drops when uploaded. Sien.

Last two days, my friends taught me about work out. He said I need to burn all my fat first before I start to build muscle, that's the right way. It was surprising to hear that, he knew I wasn't fat at all, and hardly get any fatter by eating many food, but still there are fats in my body which are not low enough for a fit body, not low enough to see the cutting on my body. He seemed to be right. So after taking his advice, I have been running, jogging, and push up like hell, to burn all my fat. I do push up at least 120 times everyday, jogging is not everyday but if I do jog I will jog for 30 minutes. The weather here is not suitable for jogging, it is too cold and the air is too thin and the result is you will pant heavily and feel like vomiting. That's why I dont jog long, unless I'm in the gym using cross trainer.

The knowledge of buliding a prefect body is essential, you cant just go gym and start lifting weight, drink protein drinks, and gain a huge body. That just stupid. You will build a huge muscle without cutting, not basic muscle. Huge muscle and basic muscle is totally different things, huge muscle attracts fat, basic muscle which is firm and tight wont attracts as much as huge muscle and it got cutting. Huge muscle will disappear itself if you dont maintain your gymming routine, basic muscle last longer even you dont go gym that often.

Here's a nice quote: "You prefer Ferrari or Lorry?" My friend told me one.

I got plenty of gymming knowledge right now, thanks to my friend who is a body trainer who always teach me how to build muscle. There are too many things to say, I'm not going to write it all down here, haha, lazy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

How to spot an idiot

"We need such an ISA act to prevent the minority group who are trying to distract, create unharmonious situation among the 27 milion of the malaysian citizen"

So the ISA is enacted to protect the malay group?
"Yea~ as the native, as the people who are majority so~"

And to keep the malay in power?
"Yes, because the reality in this country has shown that the malays are the majority, and only malays, the stability of the malays can also assure, can also guarantees, the stability of of other races."

You see his face you sure know he is a person with an IQ of 300.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

15 malaysia short flim 2

This is totally opposite with the real situation. Usually the malay in group will hit chinese, you will seldomly see a group of chinese hitting malay. I got no other better explaination for this, other than being bluntly to say, that Chinese are generally not easily resort to violence, Malay are generally more easily of using violence agaisnt anything they dont like. As much as I hate it because I made a conclusion from observation without any evidence, I need not further to consolidate it, u guy judge it with your own conscience.

However, tat short flim sort of reflects a feeling that most of the minority malaysian have, as expressed by the dialogue " I felt an urge to hit that boy", a feeling of holding a grudge against the majority. This is not totally true, as portrayed by the short flim. We have the feeling of dissatisfaction, but not to the extend of letting it out by blasting someone else to coma, tat's a bit extreme and over exaggerated.

I think the message of the flims was to show that our nation inter-racial hatred is still strong and unity is hard to achieve if we havent really show any forbearance for each other.

Because it's most probably the feeling of the minority of malaysia is the main element of this entire issue, for the sake of conveying that message properly, I would say this scenario has falied to do so. Why not try like showing an argument between different races about something that which is clearly can be solved with tolerance and forbearance?? the plot of this flim is too unapparent, and in reality it is uncommon for such thing to happen.

Some people's comment about me:

R, i disagree with ur statements about whos more likely to hit who. different cases at other places.. what u see is those in kl.
but then again,as hard(heart)felt for these common racial statement as of course, we only have 3 races here… so not to offend anybody, 1 film = 1 race actors then? no?
racism is the big thing at the moment. we’re indeed one(1racistmalaysia? no?).

My reply:

I hope u did read a lot of newspaper. Have u ever heard about a chinese hit a malay car, and the chinese came down and was Beaten to Death by the malay when he summoned his whole kampung out to beat tat chinese? This is so common and it happens a lot, until all our parents educate us not to go out when we hit a malay’s car. And of course, like the flim, chinese beating malay to coma can happen also, but it’s generally more less happened than malay beating a chinese to coma. why showing something which is not the “main trend of the situation” to us? let’s say like showing a rich indian bully a poor malay and a poor chinese, tat’s so uncommon in reality.

I acknowledge the racist issue it was trying to convey here, but showing the real trend of the situation of the issue is more apparent and real. Why don he flim chinese dominates malaysia politic, with a chinese president, and they all bully and oppress the malay? that’s not the real situation and it’s pretty suck to watch it.

I don't like racism as much as you don't, but showing the real trend of something will make our heart content. As you say there are 3 races and 1 actor, if that so, whatever race they use please make it a suitable one for the scenario.

It's really unsatisfactory to see we as the bad guy in society, and the real bad guy is the victim. But I guess it doesn't matter, we are generous and open-minded, we just wanna voice out our thoughts and we wont further argue and hold vengeance one. We just want to make it clear the position of each of us in the current issue, and don't simply portray us generally as something we aren't without justification. After making clear of that, whatever they want to portray us doesn't really matter.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was peeking at my dad through my home security camera, he was doing his ordinary routine.

It gives me a full view of what's going on in my home, mostly the surroundings but not the interior. There are 7 rooms in my house, of course non of them have cctv. Only the kitchen, dinning place and living rooms have. The benefit of technology enables me to probe into my family's life from far occasionally, how wonderful.

So miss my dad. I can proudly be half naked when I go home, just like him. I had no muscular and fit body like my dad used to have, so I never being half-naked all the time like him. Now I got already. I been gymming for almost a year, average twice a weeks, I almost prefected my body.

It was a harsh experience, it used to be, imagining doing weight lifting for 1 hour, 30 minutes of cardio, and then push up. The next day you'll get sore in the morning. (last for 1 week initially). I still remember it was torturing and no fun at all. Now is different, I'm totally enjoy gymming. No more sore body for me and I can lift up to 130 kgs, I can run for 40 mins or more, depends on my form. Beside having Ipod touch for me to watch youtube when I do cardio, listen music when I do weight lifting, I get to release my stress through exercise, gym is really a fun activity.

It's all worth it, I know one day I will reap the benefits from all the hard works that I've done. At least I got a robust shoulder for hot chicks to lean on.

I put a classic japanese song on my playlist, classic eh? wait until you listen till half. Totally a song for driving.... fast.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tired but pissed

I'm so tired, I only slept for 4 hours yesterday, almost ended up getting late for tutorial. I'm not a lazybones(er) I will get up when it's time, must get up means must get up (Raise flag). I did oversleep a bit but it's so infrequent, it even surprises me when I overslept, I must be very tired.

I'm so pissed off with politician this lately, I have the inexplicable hatred for all their doings and misdeed, it's most likely developed through the reading of Lim Kit Siang's blog so often. That old hag instilled a lot of unsatisfaction, detestation of injustice and corruption into me, it's like I almost got the mind of a real DAP member already, I will most likely offend the ISA also, like most of the DAP member did.

Still got notes haven't done until what've been taught yet, assignments still haven't done yet, my hair is so long already haven't cut, my necklace is still in the process of making. There are so many incomplete things...

It will be so nice if I have a girl friend right now, I can kiss and hug her to release my stress...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One malaysia

Kak Yasmin appeared at the end of the scene, was caring for the boy, it really touches me.

Indian has been abandoned by our government for decades, their general welfare has been undermined by our government’s unspoken racist policies. I have sympathy for them genuinely.
Who can really discern their affliction?
It’s only people like Kak Yasmin who really knows their suffering can, not just that she is willing to give hand and help. She humbled herself in front of people, that's why she is depicted sitting down in that short flim to listen to their predicament.

That boy built the house from scrap he picked up from the garbage yard, in reality this is true, their houses are built in such way, I know because I've been there. They dont even have enough money to eat, and their dream is limited, to live only. This is depicted as the intention of that boy who wants to live in his own crappy house, instead of a fancy house.
How can such thing happen in malaysia?
Please wake up malaysian, u havent seen the ugly part of this nation yet. The government is not helping the indian community, and they are left to die themselves, living in a crappy house. They are human beings too for God's sake.

I noticed that when the boy walking at the pavilion, there are three words at the roof which are "Respect, Justice, and finally Self-esteem." These three words strongly represent somethings that are lacked in our nation.

Stop listening to those who have the biggest voice over the nation, they are true deceivers who will not tell such tale of this. Imagine how Khir Toyo's house would be. Fuk him.

Please be fair to everyone, everyone has the right to live well.
Stop being racist.

The making of house:

Imagination went haywire

I donno what I was thinking when I write this song. Was thinking so many things, imaginating as well. So it turned out to be so noisy, whatever. Usually this is the time when the writer will scrap the paper he wrote, shoot it inside the dustbin and then re-write a new one. But I'm lazy to do that, re-write some part of my song means I'll be wasting more time and energy. Should organise my thoughts first before I write the song.

Nowadays I seldom do composition already, I write only on a whim only. This song is not really satisfying, but I decided to publish it, it could be the most crappy song I ever published.


Already got 千年 this song which I composed 1 year ago, it sounds bettter than this a lot. But it's my secret collection, I'm not gonna publish that. So I name this 千年二 .

One last thing, I have lost damn lot of pictures and musics that I had composed when I fix my laptop! Oh well, picture can take again, music can compose again also.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's time

I been using headband this lately, so I can "see clearly". I know my long hair been obstructing my view, not long after I gonna cut my hair already. I took off my headband and my hair stood and flat.

I know eventually I will have to cut my long hair, exposing my forehead. That will be the future me, it's inevitable, because I promised my parents I will do that. I asked them to let me be whoever I want first, before I bound to their wants. It's a chinese belief that one should expose their forehead to attract good aura include emitting aura, and I do believe that. It got some good basis to support with, if you cover your face too much people might not able to recieve influence from you. So, I believe it on different basis from my parents, I believe it based on more logical explaination.

I emitted enough aura already, remember when I was "bald" at high school, school rules mandated us to cut a very short hair almost near to bald. I looked fierce without any hair. Now with hair I look a bit different. I will cut my front hair for sure, for a more stable and mature look, donno when that is that.

I dont like blogspot, the quality of image drops after you uploaded it. It was a clear picture now it's blurred. I dont like blur picture, I donno why people like to blur it, I even got friend who got all her pictures blurred.

The ballroom

I took you to the ballroom that night, it was empty but us.
You trusted me and you came alone, although it was dark and creepy. Although it took you a hassle to come, you came anyway.
I was supposed to play piano for you, but just before it, my dream was broken.

I have no idea where are you now, the number you gave me is no longer in use. I supposed you went overseas and the number had been terminated. Even so, I kept calling you every year. I knew it's somebody number right now, I called because I was hoping it could be you. It rangs, but never been picked up. I knew you went overseas, the number had been recycled.
I hope you not in England right now, because I'm in Australia.
I asked you to go England so we can meet over there, but I went Australia instead.
I'm sorry...

I wanted to tell you something that night...

Friday, August 14, 2009

The way

My eyes are calm, My feet are pressing down, my hands are tight. I steer and it's smooth.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost in hell

Lost... yet...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blue Day

The day was blue.

Photographed by my sister. 2008.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Estrella is a malaysia indie band, I first came to know about them from somebody's blog.

Their music surprised me, totally changed my view on malay's music. I always had an impression that malay only make rock music, and their rock music is not the mainstream one, I believe they call it kampung rock. Not just that I also thought they only make song like Siti Nurhaliza one, or song that is full of anguish and pain like there's an echo and total emptyness, and a heartaching guy sings with total severity.

But this one different, I was totally relaxed and enjoyed with their music. Substantially improve my impression on malay's music, but not entirely, because it's not original they merely combine or mimic the western indie style. In spite of that, I still like their music, their subliminal tune is extraordinary, next thing you know you might already fall for it. The lead singer is very cute too, I guess I'm still easily fond of girl who knows music. Her voice has a pleasent lilt and is very capturing, so you got a cute girl + good voice and knows music, what a lethal combination. This definitely the band that I'll root for.

Their lead singer Liyana.

Here's their famous song: Stay.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been borrowing the important books from the library and never intend to buy any also,
it's like the books are very limited, and it's hard to get. Everyone wants to borrow it, but all will have to wait forever haha because me gonna tapau all the books there and return and borrow again, continuing like this through out the semester. The strategy is return the book, and wait until it is returned to the shelf, you got to wait at somewhere close by anticipating the librarian to come. Meanwhile I'll study there to make up my time of silliness wait.

The reason I'm doing this is because the books I bought from the previous semesters, not even a single one has been sold out. They keep coming with new books new edition and quickly our books become obsolete and lose its market. I keep the books in a damn large box (which i lazy to photograph and upload it here), also put two books on sale at the uni book shop and almost half a year already the books are still there haven't been sold. I occasionally went to check on my books, and each time I got the feeling of unjustifiable stupidity, when I came out from there, after checking the flags for my books and found that it hadn't been sold yet. It will never be sold even if I put it there for a 100 years. Not just me who cant sell the books, lots of my friend cant sell even one also. All thanks to the publisher of the books which always publish a new edition of the book by simply adding a few pages and reassemble the topics.

And you know, our book may cost us hundreds of bucks, you notice the "S" I put at the back of hundred? I have brought at least 20 books.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

ISA remonstration

I had come to know about the demonstration of ISA at KL street just now, I was shocked by the news. People are more and more becoming aware of the essentiality of being a democratic country and hence asserting their rights publicly protesting the ISA.
I knew that it wasn't the first time that they held a demonstration to protest for something that they were against the government, and this wasn't really the biggest protestation with sheer number of people. I was somehow, astounded a bit when knowing that the malays joined the protest agaisnt the ISA, it seems that they have realised that such Act is inconsistent with human rights and its effects are wreaking havoc in the fundamental human rights that we supposely but rightfully enjoyed and constantly seek to shore up with.
It seems that Malaysia politics is going into a turmoil, soon it could stir up abhorrence among the people who still wanting to grip on the country according to their often having disapproval ways. It could turn out ugly, and I'm not really prepared to look it. The ingredient for chaos is coming into existence, as you can see...

I can only be the observer of history, before I can really be the writer of it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have been so busy with uni this lately that I don't have time to write song. There are two circumstances where I can write song:

(1) First is when there's abundance of inspiration came I can finsih a song in 1 or 2 hours, this happens on a whim.
(2) Second is when I feel there's an obligation to write song, it's often compelled by people who ask me to write. Or it's me who want to write for particular reason. In this circumstance, I wouldn't be able to finish in 1 or 2 hours, I'll just waste time until some idea hits me, and when it hits me start from there I will be able to finish it in 1 or 2 hours time.

Basically the intention to write wont spark the engine effectively, it's the idea that hits me that did the magic thing. But the intention to write a song will compell or induce the inspiration to come quicker, or else, it will be uncertain when it comes if I write on a whim. Yahoo geocities is closing at this october, so I have to use a new place to host my music file already. My friend introduced me use, not bad!

空旋 - this is not really a good song, I just cincai write only. I cut the quality of my music production, more time on my studies. =D
So I only write on a whim, wont be puting too much effort on it.