Saturday, October 31, 2009

A simple song

It's been a long time since I last published a song here.
Finally I got a new songs already, they are just simple songs.

Here's the songs:

最后 and 感觉来了

I wrote the second song after I had a 2 hours talk with somebody. Looks like my source of inspiration is back! yosh! The first song I finished like 2 months ago? but I didn't publish it.

Overall, they sound crappy, to regain my inspiration is not an easy process. And they are just a draft music, I used like 1 hour the most to compose it. Look at the time I took to write them! don't critise me, just imagine how the music would be. Anyway geocities closed already, that means all my old songs are now unable to be downloaded. I'm lazy to upload all of them too, I will take some time to do it.

The 2009 music are quite few also, I'll have to write a lot of music to fill it up before 2010. I can complete one song in one day (1-2 hours), provided I'm not fatigued.

PS: Somebody has certainly responded. Let it be the end of it.

Ok, back to study.

Friday, October 30, 2009


My sis said this song is from Jay Chou, she asked me to listen yesterday night. At first I thought, is this really from Jay Chou? it sounds a bit like his style, but not really that good. I can tell, I listen to Jay song more than any song in my life. There's lack an element of satisfaction and high, Jay's song would give that. Anyway the opening is pretty much like Jay style, the beat also.

So it isn't from Jay, he is not the composer. 袁咏琳 is the composer, I think she pretty good, but not that good as Jay.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I don't want to say much about my home's maid. She is a good indomaid, hardworking and kind-hearted. That's all. But I want to say a lot about this maid, Minka Lee! I know quite a lot about her, but I don't have time to tell story now, I got exam! Damn, I'm writing this post just to kill or suppress the urge of telling tale about her.

My friend said watching her dance is like a waste of time, but I don't think so, I watch her dance like everyday, I almost watch finsihed all her videos. It's all pretty recent, like just a few months ago.

Watch this one! Got school girl somemore, Faint Lah~~~!!!

I siao maid like so much, first dress I gonna buy for my gf is definitely a maid dress, wahahahaha (but I dont have gf = =). Anyway, this is not a recent picture, it was taken 1-2 month ago. I got shorter hair and look better I guess , lol!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I love it!!

These are certainly a mind controling tool, it looks sily and childish but for some weird reason I watched it and I like it!

Acceptable only.

This is the best one, better than the first one a lot a lot.

This one is different song already, it's quite good.

Shit I'm really becoming a real Otaku already. Wish I got gf like the one in the second video. My friends should know I really like girl in mini skirt, no doubt. Back to study~ exam~~~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perfume disco

As a 宅男, I must like perfume, no choice.

Perfume is a raising band from Japan, they sing techno music. Not pure techno, because I know techno ain't cute. This one is cute, it is so mesmerising. Watching 3 girls dancing cutely, is surely my thing. I prefer the dancing like this than erotic dance, It looks innocence and seems to have "good future". I mean, the sense of stability.... hard to explain.

Anyway, my friend sure WTF me if they know that. Ok, here's my point, perfume is the only band that is girly in my iPod. They don't make them dance cutely just for girl, guy would be attracted as well. Cute girl attracts guy, and guy likes cute girl,but guy would never practice cuteness, it's totally shit, and I hate that shit.

Here's the theory, Girl create cuteness, Guy would want to destory and own cuteness. You get what I mean? like I always have the urge to rip off somebody sock, 蕾丝 one, I always do. A lot of girl wear like that here.

Here's their MV, watch this first. Later is the imitations of this dance!

I don't know why they cover their face with mask, weird.

These otaku are pretty good, worth a watch. Looks dumb but it's good.

You have to admit, perfume dance is very popular at Japan. They even dance it in front of Mac Donald

They are more guys imitating perfume, seriously. This one is really funny, they farking cincai do only, got hip hop at the middle.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The News

Read this shit, to gain a better insight.

There are differences in news agencies reporting news. The first one is rather microscopic, the second one is the whole story. Truly, severing the dull and tedious part of the story while keeping the interesting part is good to read. These are entertainmentwise. But fuk ya, I read that shit and I felt enjoyed, but it was not intellectual. You don't know in what context M was saying about that.

There's one thing I would like to contradict about M's perspective, he said “We have to admit the Malays in Malaysia are quite weak. Because of that, it is important to have a government that can protect the Malays”. I wonder whether he is a dumbass or something, he wants a country that babysits his own race, rather than fosters his race or give them a punch on the face so they can stand up like a man with balls. That's what he wants, and so be it. The Malay will only get weaker or stay weak with such thinking, there's no chance for improvement if they keep on stretching their hand for something, depending on government's policies to wipe and cover their asses, rather than work for it. Yea change their diapers.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The old light

It was 4 years ago, that time I was form 5.

The days were glory, I had a status that allowed me to go anywhere at my school. I exploited that privilege, with good reason. I often skipped class or disappeared during recess, there was only one place that I would go, it was the hall.

The hall was boring, huge, and empty. Warm lights shone in that hall through the high window, the doors were locked, shades at the floor, and it was dim actually, but rather bright at the top. I stepped in that hall, I switched on that switch, plugged in that cord. And I played.

It all suits well, I was thinking. I was playing chopin, and the warmth of light enlivened me, and the piano. It was all that I needed.

I often sneaked in part of building with my friend, playing piano. I even taught him how to play, and he played before the girl of whom he liked. I wondered why, it was I who possessed the skills and privilege, but I never did what he do, instead I had given him the opportunity to confess to girl, while I was still playing in the dark and dim places alone mostly.

Same thing happened at Taylor College, I sneaked in that empty hall, it was more grand than my high school one, but it had no sunlight.

I have lost my source of inspiration, I didn't talk to a girl for so long already. I have to confess my source of inspiration is the relationship I have with someone. Once I have that relationship, that inspiration is endless. I cant write any song now. Seriously, I cant. There's just nothing for me to write already.

I have stopped talking to someone I always talked to, and as a result, lost my inspiration. I just wish I could go back to my old school, at that old piano and light, and play this piece of chopin, I might gain another perspective of music, and myself. That old light that shone at that hall, I miss that moment.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Thanks Miss Marple~ ˋ( ° ▽、° ) !

The cakes taste very good! It's been long time since I have cake on my birthday, so I finished them all quickly. I was about to shower after gym just now, luckily I rested a while and you called.

I was cooling down in front of my laptop half-naked, never expected to get a cake at all. Thanks again!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

B day~

Today, is my birthday.

It's not important, I dont remember when is the last time I celebrated my birthday, really. I have to mention about my birthday because it's funny, not because someone has celebrated birthday with me, but because I got a lot of people chatting with me at msn, only two of them know it's my birthday. That not including my best friend and my own sister. That's disapointing a bit.

It's maybe because I never care about birthday, I don't even remember anyone's birthday at all. I'll only know it's someone's birthday through facebook. And I'll only know my sisters and parents' birthday when my sis tell me or when they plan to celebrate.

I'm 21 already today, the times that I celebrated my birthday, I think, doesn't even over 4 times. Might be less. I have not much memory of celebrating my own birthday, but got hell lot of memories celebrating my parents, my sisters' birthday.

It's because, I never want a birthday celebration, I dont know why. However, I do wish my gf will celebrate it with me, to experience it in a different way.

The funny thing is my sister, she always knows my birthday every year, and she would say happy birthday to me. But this time, it just happened that, she talked to me for so long and we had a long conversation, she didn't say it to me. First time it happens, because there were many times that I forgot my own birthday, and it was she who said happy birthday and reminded me every year.

However, it doesn't matter, it's just funny when we can talk for so long and she knows nothing.

I have been busy studying this lately, I don't have time to update my blog. Exam is just around the corner, I have no time to slack anymore. If you seeing that picture, I'm doing a Kuso effect, like this music.

I start to wonder, whether it's me who is cutting the connection with everyone around me? I don't have the initiative to find people and talk to them, unless they are girl who I'm interested and wanted to chase. Even my best friend, I seldomly talk to him like chit-chat for fun, unless I got something important to tell him or something to show him or ask him. I'm always reading article and watching video, should pay more attention to friend, more. I bold it because I just didn't do that often, doesn't mean I didn't do at all.

It's important to establish a large friend network for you to get more opportunities and chances when you start entering the society and work. I know that. But this is not necessary true, a lot of great people didn't have a lot of friend when they were young, they were not socially active but they are very capable and competent, they are smart and know how to plan. And they are the one who people want to rely to. I guess they made a few valuable friends, and that is enough already.

Those kinda large network of friend is only necessary for those who cant do the work themselves, and have to rely on people, because they are not competent. However, don't ever preclude the benefits from it, you can still establish a large network of friend, even you are capable of doing things yourself. For me, I think we need a true and faithful friend, that will help each other during hardship or when you are in a predicament. You must know as much people as you can, but you don't have to waste time socialise with every single one of them, and not focus on any. Focus on a few capable and faithful friend, offer true friendship and good personality to them. That is the proper way.

I know a lot of people, I can go out and hang out with anyone, can call out a lot of friend who I'm not familar with and hang out with them, but I dont have to do it deliberately for the purpose of getting more friend for my future chance and opportunity, that just hypocrisy. If you bear that intention in mind when you making friends, you are not being genuine, you are just waiting to derive benefits from them. So I only call them out for enjoyment and pure socialisation. A help from friend is important, but it's earned by real friendship or sincerity.

Constantly make friends, the more the better. Do it without any vested interest, be flexible, and be compatible. Still, hold on your own value, judge friend occasionally to see whether they are worth to be your friend or not, Because if you made a wrong friend it will prevent you from moving forward and achieving success, if you made a right friend, they will wont prevent or hinder you from success, sometimes they will help you too. You can be friend with any person in the society no matter what job he does, as long he is faithful, truthful, no malice intention, and has a pure heart.

So I proposed here, establish a network of friends, It doesn't have to be very large, but it needs to have quality. You think yourself, if you have been making friend who only laugh when you are good, run away when you are in predicament, then you are just establishing a large network of friends, with no quality in it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Damn funny

Ok seriously, I want a bear as my pet after watching this video. I know I'm being unrealistic, but I really want a 熊 ok? his reaction is damn funny! I got a dog looks like bear, but it's not that funny also, it just looks dumb... like 苯苯 = =

The theory of relativity

I am fascinated with Einstein's theory, really, even though my discipline is not about science.

I excel at all science subjects before and during my pre-u, until now my memory of the science facts and theories are still vivid, I can even discuss with my friend about them. I have been really busy lately, I don't have time to update my blog. But this freaking thoery has been loitering in my mind for 1 week ever since I watched the E=mc2 movie, that movie explains everything about the theory that Einstein proposed, also it's about a documentary about his life and the history of the development of science theories.

The theory of relativity:
It goes roughly like this, I'm not pro, don't expect me to be completely accurated. I make it simple for you to understand. It's said that when two objects travel at a certain same speed, they will see each other generally static and not moving away. But the third party in this case would see differently. A third object would see that two objects are moving away from him. The first object are relatively at the same speed as the second object, but not the third object.

It was proposed by Maxwell, the speed of light will always be constant, even when you are traveling at a speed of light you will still see the light are moving away from you with the speed of light itself. So if you are traveling at a speed of light, you are not aligned with the light and therefore everything turns dark or invisible because the light cant reach your eyes when you are traveling at its speed.

Is that so? I don't really know that point, Maxwell could be right. But Einstein proposed that time will slow down when you are traveling at a very high speed. That's a the crux of the theory of relativity. The time that we are enjoying now is actuall the pace of the light itself, 1 second is actually the time for the photon of light to complete one wave length, or 2 displacements. If we are traveling at the speed of light, the road for the photo will increased or elongated, therefore longer wave length, and therefore 1 second is longer, hence time will slow down. ( I learned this from another science documentary) The Einstein suggested that we are relatively moving by reference to the pace of a light. This theory is absolutely true.

It's more than what I said ok, it's a big theory, I tried my best to grasp the whole thing, but so far I came out with this simple explaination.

What I'm thinking is the photo of light is traveling at one direction, that is forward. We can slow time in the sense that we are jumping over it, instead of living it. But how can we travel back to time? It seems that it's impossible for us to travel back to time, quite impossible. It's like a pizza, you can take out 2 slices, and join the rest to form a circle, but not adding 2 slices and form a circle because where you gonna get that extra 2 slices?

The fact that we are living at a pace which referencing the pace of light, fascinates me a lot. I mean who set all the rules? Why we must follow that pace? I can only awe and expect something great about these laws of nature will bring us. All these knowledges are used to feed my imagination, that's why I like to watch science or history documentary, like astro I sure watch 551-555 channels, got discovery channel, history channel, national geographic, Science channel, just I dont watch TVIQ, because it sucks!

And I assumed that nobody will read this article, because it's boring. It's just that I like to imagine and I imagine things a lot, that's why I write this post. Exam is nearing, I don't really have time to bother things which is not my interest, so I'm sorry that I refused to help my friend, it's just that I will feel damn stress if I help them, I rather write blog which is my interest and not stressful.

My friend, please bare with me for 1 months until my exam is over, then I will make over my blog and make it interesting. I know it's been quite down this lately. I have whole bunch of thing running in my head right now that I wish to write about, but all have to wait until the exam is finished.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Does god exist?


The dream

Friend, I saw you are happy, I'm glad.

I heard that you cant pursuit your own dream, but I see you are trying to live the best out of you, you are always smiling. I know that your ambition is to become a doctor, but you can only be something that fall short of it. I know how it's like for you, because I know you since we were at high school.

Sometimes in life we cant get everything we want, sometimes we do but we let go of it, unappreciated.

Dont worry my friend, I'll complete my dream for you, at least you would know your friend does complete his dream.

I will be a great individual, I know, because I shed tears for your ambition. Your dream, it's like a child wanting for a mother's warmth, and that desire is greater than any desire...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avoiding fate

The weirdness continues, I starting to wonder what's going on.

I bumped into 4 girls today, and two of them twice. It's day 4 already and it hasn't stop yet. I just want to talk about 1 girl particularly, she stood there and waited for me, and she looked at me and smile. I didn't know what to do and how to react, I just walked away without saying anything.

It's been so as I'm meeting girls that I know and have connection with, one by one all. Why is this happening? Can someone explain this to me? My uni is the largest of all Australia uni, and for almost 2 years I'm here I hardly bumped into anybody that I know by accident, but since 3 days ago, I bumped into around 12 girls and I know all of them.

There's just one person that I haven't bump into.

I'm avoiding fate, I supposed to meet her today. But I knew what fate was going to do, I asked my friend who else is going to follow her to library, and she said Catherine. The chances of that happening is rare, so it's fate that I be eventually meeting her. But I rejected that fate, I declined that engagement, and said I'm going home for study.

Fate hasn't stop it's effort of getting us together, I went home and found that I lost my thing at the lecture hall, it forced me to get back and find it. I did so, I just came back from the uni, I ran back and forth to retrieve my item before Catherine class is over. Her class will end in 20 minutes time, if I walk slowly I might bumped into her today. But I was avoiding fate...

This is extremely weird, will I meet more girls accidently again by tomorrow? I really need somebody to tell me what's going on. This is serious, it's been so weird already, like I can meet one person two or three times per day.


It was weird, everything was.

It all started two days ago. There are two cute Aussie living at my floor, I see them like quite often, but I never see them walk out of the bathroom wrapped in towel, as seen on the movie, because we share the same toilet. We have different bathing time, and their room is quite near to the toilet, only takes like 2-3 seconds walk, so the chance of seeing them walk out of bathroom with towel wrapped is rare.

Two days ago, at night, I bumped into one of the aussie girl at the toilet door, I was half-naked, she was wrapped in towel. We made way for ourselves, she said sorry for blocking me, but I was blushing and couldn't say anything because she was too near to me. I thought I was lucky, because for 9 months I have been living here, the occasion of seeing her walk out of room is like less than 15 times, not to mention seeing her wrapped in towel from bathroom. At that same night, I was out again for toilet, I saw her brushing teeth at the toilet, staring at me with that unsatisfying look, like I owe her money or something. I was a bit blurred on that time, I stared back at her but wouldn't dare to stay long, I didn't understand what was going on there. I washed my face and headed back to my room.

Another occassion happened on yesterday, I bumped into a girl who I first met during my first year. She is the most beautiful asian girl in my course, I know her, we once sat together on a bus to city. she is elegance, the most superior and high quality form of beauty. Since first year, we have stopped talking to each other, there is hardly a chance for us to talk back now. At first I didn't notice her walking towards my direction, but because she was staring at me that it quickly drew my attention. She got a nice eyes, but I didn't understand why she was staring at me for so long as she was demanding me to look back.

Back to the hall, I saw my classmate, she is from Hong Kong. It happened when I went out for toilet I saw her passing through my floor, going to Uni to attend our class. I told her I was skipping class because I was too tired, she smiled at me and went off.

Today, at this morning, I bumped into another aussie girl which I haven't, she was wrapped in towel, and I was half-naked. I came out of toilet and she was just going in. At that moment, I was thinking, "why am I seeing everyone these days? Are my luck is going to end or continue?" I thought 4 cases in two days should be the end of it, but it isn't. I saw her again the same aussie girl when I came out from my room for the second time. So I saw two of the aussie girl, each in two times and each on one day.

That's weird, I said to myself.

But the weirdness hasn't end yet. I ran into another girl again, who I had played basketball with, I know her name but we never actually talk, because I never contact her after that. She is very pretty, I would chase her if I got her number. Shortly after a few second, I bumped into another girl who had interrupted me for many times when I was playing piano at the music room, she always knocked the door, I went out only seeing her smiling at me, but that ended when I SLAMMED the door because I got pissed by interruption. She is the one who stares at me the most, and that creeps me a little bit. Again shortly after a few second when I was walking, I bumped into another girl who I always go to the library with, she was eating while walking. I always think she is very cute like mashimaro, but not really my type because she is too weak, I don't like girl who is too weak.

After all the encountering, I thought it should ends already, but it hasn't.

Later evening, I was at the Dinning Hall getting my dinner, then came a girl who was trying to know me but I didn't show any interest. She jumped in front of my line staring at me, then looking at the food. I said "hi" to her but nothing more.

That's what happened today. When I think of it it starts to freak me out, why am I meeting all girls who have a connection with me in just three days continuously? Is this fate calling me to reflect on all the girl that I have known? What will this reflection brings me? What meaning it conveys? If so there is one girl who I have a connection with but I still haven't meet yet, will it happens tomorrow or what? or it already ends?

If fate is leading me, I wish I would be led to meeting her. If we are supposed to end, then I do wish to know.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

switch off your hp!

haha, damn funny this clips, I watched it like 8 times already.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Densha otoku

I have watched Densha Otoku, it is nice!

It's a 4 years old movie, but I had no chance to watch it. Today I finally got it and watched it, it's a great movie!!!

I think a lot of people know the story, I don't want to tell it here, you can watch it yourself. I can send you guys a CD soft copy of it if you want, only for my close friends, because I think it's hard to find that movie already, I mean pirated one.

In short, it's a movie with a lot of excitements and surprising elements, and it's very touching, with a lot of emotion going through and you might cry (seriously). It will be very satisfying to watch it, I'm sure of that. Maybe because I'm otaku or what, for normal people they might just say there's nothing exciting about it.

This was taken days ago. I'm now starting to wear headband already.

Out of topic.

I find it hard to talk freely to someone who has a big ego, and not willing to concede. As for now, I afraid I might be offending her for writing it down here, she might disagree with what I'm saying, I can almost foresee that. But seriously my intention is good, I remember she claimed that her english is good, so I thought I might be able to learn something from her. I have been watching American Tv Series this lately, and I was confused by their english, their english is a bit different than ours definitely, and I had a doubt about a small thing.
I thought I asked her about is or was, in the context of just completing an action for today, and that was it. She contested about the other things like have and at instead of giving me the answer to my question. So I took my time to understand her grammar, even though it wasn't about my question. She seemed pretty upset when I tried to correct her, I was traumatized again, thought I was helping but in fact making somebody unhappy. She droppped out of the conversation instantly, saying that it wasn't important as long the reader can understand what we were saying, and calling me pro grammar. I sweated, but held on to my emotion.

I learnt a lesson today, I guess we should not pick out somebody's error and try to correct them if possible, it's about somebody's capability and I guess that will import the feeling of being underestimated and they don't like it. But that's entirely wrong, learning is humble, it always has, we all learn from zero. I'm just expressing my true feeling, if she hates me after reading this, I don't think she is the friend that I want to have, because I'm already humbling myself, asking her a grammar problem, and she expressed view that my sentence is wrong but in fact it's right. Those sentences were not written by me, I copied it from an article.

I have to talk about this not because it's a big matter, nor because it's trivial then I should not talk about it. That kind of saying is not honourable, because I treat her as a friend not stranger that I wouldn't care. But sometimes we should let them be, instead of correcting them that may often them. And therefore, I was wrong, and sorry.

I have a friend who is lousy on english, I always correct him with fun, but this was no fun, and I was traumatized and scared. I'm truly sorry if offended her but I will not change my principle about learning and attitude, that's I have no problem to be stupid and wrong rather than being smart all the time, and it's fun and you learn something while being taught by people. I can ask a dumber grammar question if I really need to, because I'm perfecting my grammar and it's an important part of learning. I just wonder why we cant realise to our own error, rectifies it, without being upset and have fun in that process.

In fact, her response was not really what I expected, I was shocked, afraid of offending her further, why would I have this feeling?! If for me, I would ask further questions if I really don't know or not sure. Ok then, I have said what I want to say.


I wish I can meet somebody like densha otoku did, actually he was quite lucky for a start. Otaku have no market today, not in Malaysia, that's why I'm developing another character, that is 型男, by going gym every week and jogging at night. Gym is to increase the muscle size, jogging is to trim up the muscle for cutting. That character is still on building, but I will not forsake my Otaku identity! 宅男万岁!!! 民,支持一下 T.T~~~

Saturday, October 3, 2009


CB, I didn't eat mooncake for 2 years already. Tomorrow I'm going to buy it. It cost like $25 bucks for 4 mooncake here, that means RM75 for 4 mooncake, how expensive!

I just saw my ex-gf picture, she looked horrible, just like a 20 years old girl wearing a 30 years old cloth and make up. WTF is this? I'm not saying my ex bad thing because we broke up like 3 years ago, there's no significance of saying that. But I'm asking why girls always depart from their own age fashion, and adopt the 30 years old girl fashion? for example they like to wear attire with a lot of cloths, a little bit like the western fashion, which looks mature and class but not exactly right for their age.

I know it looks nice, but if you wear it now at age 20, what you gonna wear at age 30? still the same? that means you wont have any change at all.

Anyway, I was shocked by my ex-gf, I almost jump up my chair. But there was one thing which is even worst and made me fell down from my chair. A lady... no ... a female came out from no where have made a comment about my facebook status. (I wrote I was shocked by my ex-gf changes) She said my ex must be very UGLY because SHE NEVER NOURISHES HER SKIN. I was like WTF?? I saw her picture she probably weighs like 200 kg.

I replied "maybe maybe... she was very pretty one." And then it came something which is even more terror than terrorist itself, it's like communist and civil right combined, she PM me at facebook. I replied in a very normal way like saying "hi", "ya, im good", I was being nice to her, in that process, I was getting the chill through out my body when she was asking me more questions.

She repeated to me that my ex is ugly, and she said one more thing, which I laughed until I would go crazy... "I'm more pretty leh". OMG... I was silent for 3 seconds, tickled. And then I laughed again hysterically! oh man this is funny, I wonder where she get her confidence from. I could turn crazy if I get another one of this. First she said my ex ugly, then said she is pretty. Anyway, thanks to her I could really have a big laugh yesterday.

Daylight saving has already commenced, robbed 1 hour again. Now the time difference between Malaysia and Australia is 3 hours, if I sleep at 2 a.m, that means at Malaysia only 11 p.m. The 2 hours difference would be better, because I can stay up until not so late and still able to chat with the night owls from Malaysia.

Friday, October 2, 2009



It does convey a very good meaning.

The bus

I took this 2 days ago, dragged between posts and now I finally decide to publish it here. It doesnt look that good.

I went for a bus ride with my friend, we were going for night movie, unfortunately the movie ticket had been sold out, so we went back again with bus. I turned out to be very dizzy after that bus ride, I almost puke when I reached the bus loop, I told my friend I was just hanging on because I don't wanna puke in front of her.

I always feel dizzy in bus, I not sure why but I think it got something to do with the driver, they hit the brake so often, I don't think I'm used to their driving.

When I drive, I don't use a lot of brake so that it's smooth and comfortable. I adjust the speed and maintain the distance correctly so I don't have to hit the brake so much. I hate people drive by hitting the brake hard, you would thrust yourself up when they do so.

I would drive smoothly when I want to. Ironicly, sometimes when I drive fast, people would feel dizzy and wanna puke. It's not because I hit the brake too hard, but it's because I always make a turn at 50-80 kmph speed. I recieved complaint that they felt like the car was floating when they rode on my car.

Seriously, I always got nausea after a bus ride. I might puke straight away if nobody was there.