Saturday, November 21, 2009

Found a new place

Finally, I have found a new house. I'll be moving there by this saturday.

I'll have to buy some furniture, will have to spend money again.
Hope I can quickly find a job to earn back the money I squandered.

The weather is crazy here, it was very hot few days ago, now it's cold again. I miss the weather at Malaysia where it's stable and constant, there is no worries about what cloth to wear and bring. At here, you wear T-shirt and you thought it will be hot today but it might be cold at night or evening.

Talk back about my new place, I'll be living with a girl that I just know.
I guess if it doesn't matter to her, it doesn't matter to me as well, I just want a comfortable place to live, and that place is the best. It's modern and nice.
Most importantly she is quite a person I can live with, that's how I feel.. because I feel comfortable with her.

Thank God allowed me to find such a good place.

Looks dumb, I just wanna put something which is recent of me, so I don't care.
I always look thin and skinny, because of the cloth is baggy.

Oh one more thing, why is it I can still see changes on my body? I mean I can see my chest hairs sprout out and growing a bit. and my beard is getting more. There's still a transformation on my body, I thought I'm already over with puberty, so I guess not. I'm still on puberty.

Is that a good thing? I'm 21 already. Not so sure I should see anymore transformation on my body. Is this all started when I started to gym? The hair is not long luckily, if not I'll go lasser it no choice, it's just short and thin. Blah, why am I discussing about this? =P

Friday, November 20, 2009


My exam finished 5 days ago, I spent those 5 days for playing, watching movie, shopping, eat and sleep, basically I did nothing significant.

I deleted the game last night, I played enough already. It's time to start a serious life back.

I have said before that I wanted to change my image from Otaku to 型男, and I really started to do something about it. I spent like $700 aussie dollar to buy cloths. In Malaysia I can buy twice the amount of cloth with that much of money, unfortunately I wont be going home, that's why I spent money on buying cloth that much. One piece of cloth here cost about RM 200 at Malaysia, that just the t-shirt, for the pants, it will definitely cost RM 300 and above. That's why I could only bought a few cloths with that amount of money.

There will be a renovation on my blog soon, a lot of stuff I didn't do, I'll update my blog often, make it more interesting. Hope I can get more time, and I'm moving out with somebody soon, not sure whether it's a good place or not yet, tomorrow I'll know.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sad song

One more exam to go, and I'm a free man.

I was thinking, and something hit me. I was thinking why the hell am I writing all sad songs. Well most of them are sad, I did write some chirpy songs but they are just few.

To be honest, I like to write sad song, I don't like to be sad, but I do like to write sad song. And there's one more in my head, reading to be let out. I guess I'll be continue to write sad song for a very long time.

I'm 100% not a sad person, I watched Stephen Chow's movies for hundreds or thousands of times, because I like them, I like to be amused, I like to crack cranky jokes and laugh. And I really don't like people who always appears as sad, like my friend, I talked her out of it, she was a person who always depressed and I couldn't stand it, I asked her not to be sad, tried all my ways and means to keep her happy, and I did it.

I extremely hate sad mood, but I do like to see girl with sad faces, it has to be not totally sad, it has to be a little bit sad that kind of degree. Don't like it when a girl is always sad as well, I like girl to be chirpy, joyful, bright, but not nosy.

So I certainly don't want my future gf to listen to any of my music, because it's sad. Sad as in Blue. I like Blue, not the colour but the music. I have part of me living in a sad world, but it only manifested in my music. In my imaginary world, it's much about a love story, a love story that never exists in the real world. Why I say it never exists? because I never have a great love relationship before, all I had was the old puppy love and a short term relationship.

Shit, it sucks. Better get off my single life quick, but I really don't know how. All I know is the cheap method of "internet". I never really tried in real. But I reckon that all is going to be changed. Because! I have a master to teach me, he is a playboy, handsome, and really a girl killer. His body is like a ferrari in the car world, therefore any girl would fall for him. That is only when I get back to Malaysia, to receive his training.

Until then I'll just study hard and build up my body. I love Uni life, because I think, I sort of like to study.... hmm.... how could that be?

Monday, November 9, 2009

It happened

My fear had resulted.

It starts like this:
X is a friend of Y, Y is a person who is totally against me. Y was very against me, for whatsoever reason I didn't know or knew but not sure. Therefore, if you ask Y about me, there sure be hell lot of negative comments, I knew that very well because I had heard what she said about me before. X is a good friend of Y, therefore I suspected influence on X. Hence, I would like to shut X mouth as well, imagined X and Y hanged together for so much time, anything come out of X mouth would be uncomplimentary of me.

Whether I succeed or failed, I'm not sure. But it doesn't matter because I chose to retrive information from X while exposed myself to such risk. That information proved to be valuable to me, and I'm satisfied with the result.

I have to admit that I only like pretty girl, but not ugly girl. That's my preference, like you like to eat ice cream or chocolate. It's completely personal, even some people would view such as not a good thing. But that's stupid, why not? Why not like pretty girl but ugly girl?

That preference had given me a lot of haters at high school. I was quite a popular guy in my high school, a lot of juniors approached me, but I only talked to those who were better looking. Those who were fat and ugly, who appeared repulsive to me, had less of my attention (girl only, guy I don't have preference). I admit it is wrong, but it's too late.

So everything comes out from them about me is negative, I had seen it, heard it myself. That is why I don't want any comment from them.

Why pretty girl?

As to I only like pretty girl, it's my choice and preference, it's completely personal. It's like you like ice cream but dislike chocolate. Why not like pretty girl? I can see no reason for that at all. What I have changed is I make friends with anyone, I don't care about their look, but I would want my gf to be pretty, because that's what I like. There's nothing wrong with like only looks, it's not because a person likes about looks then he is shallow.

It's what I like, I can't deny it and by saying it's not good or something. That is a common misconception. Already there are many people who choose their partner based on look. And another misconception is, people who are pretty are generally of bad character. That is bullshit, there are bilions of people in this world, how many of them are good looking and bad looking? there are people who are good looking and of good character, and there is a saying "appearance sprouts from your heart". I'm not saying that I agreed with that judging people like that, but what I'm saying is everyone is different.

Another good point I would like to raise is, good looking people are contented with themselves, therefore grown conceited and have bad character in general. That's a very good point, but it doesn't apply to everyone. Still there are many many many good looking people with good character. Have you ever seen a violent criminal with good looking and handsome face? again, everything is not what the general community thinks. It's what you encounter and what you received and then perceive.

For me, there are certainly people with good looks and good character. Why choose to give up one side but have another? I can't stand people with bad character as well, it will only bring shame to myself. SO, you can have both. Have both in balance. A person who is good character must at least good looking, a person who is good looking must have at least good character. Again, it's completely a personal choice, I'm not urging anyone to follow me.