Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm quite enjoy the time here, being peaceful and quiet.

I didn't feel lonely at all, instead I feel very comfortable and warmth. I have become so accustomed to alone, sometimes I would feel any sound or noise that is obvious is a nuisance to me. I think, that is only when I was at home, I would still want to have a lot of friends out there.

I wouldn't dare to say I enjoy my housemate absence, she might be reading this haha. I just say I enjoy the peaceful quietness.
She is coming back soon, right?! right!

I'm going back to sleep... it's too comfortable, I feel I don't wanna get up yet.. Jalja..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I just recieved a bad news, my mom is going to take back my Platinum Card!!!!
Well, just one. She is going to take away my Mastercard and left a Visa for me.

She asked me to use cash, instead of using credit card. But I'm not the person who uses cash a lot, I like to keep my wallet thin and neat. I usually carry about less than 100 bucks, the rest like shopping I would prefer to use credit card, it's much more a convenient tool than owing the bank money, I don't eat or owe people money, that is my principle. (Therefore, I would belittle anyone who does things against my principle, a person with such personality is equal to a shit, to me.)

The stupid government is going to charge us for having a lot of credit cards, it seems they are discouraging people to use a lot of credit and subsequently build up a lot of debts with the bank. The government will start to "suck" our money for having an extra card starting this February.

I just called my mom and asked her not to cancel my credit card so soon, because I know when I do shopping, two cards is very useful as you can switch between card to avoid the cooling down. (the safety net to avoid people who stole your card to make a lot of purchases). The CNY shopping frenzy is getting near! I need two cards as always to complete my CNY shopping.

Damn, how can I live without cards? I have 3 cards when I turned 18, 2 standard and one gold, and 2 more platinum when I turned 20. One gold had been canceled due to the reason because I couldn't purchase alcohol with it, two standard had been canceled during the recession because I changed bank. Now only left one plat =(

I have been very dependent on cards, until the stage I would feel sad if no card for me to use. My parents have spoiled me, I guess.

I will pay 100 bucks to save my card, that is what I intending to do. The problem is I'm not going back to Malaysia! there is no chance to negotiate with my parents, they seemed to be not caring about it, they gave me the cards out of their convenience, hence will not respond to any of my request.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last time I introduced a meido dancer named Minka Lee, she is now my most favourite dancer on internet. I just checked her Japanese Blog last few days and found out that she has recently formed a dance group, called Danceroid.

It seems that she gathered all the internet video dancer and formed a group with them. I have seen all their dance videos long before their group is formed, the other two members aren't good as Minka.

Got one too skinny, and the other one I don't how to describe, just not very appealing to me. I have my eyes on Minka only, who appears to be quite fat when compared to those skinny and short girls.

I like the song very much, even though it sounds like for girl only, I just enjoy the melody. It's a bit japanese techno style and it's nicely composed.

I think I would like to try to compose Japanese style song already, wanna give it a try =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunny Day

The weather was so hot yesterday until this evening and it turned better.
Can you believe it was 46 degrees? I not sure whether it was 46, but that's what I heard from my friend. I did feel like 46 degrees! I got a fan but to no avail, the wind blown from the fan was hot!

I like the weather in Malaysia, but not like this one. This one feels like in a oven.

First picture of this year, which I just took it just now. Luckily the heat wave is over, and it's cold again. The weather in Australia feels like in desert and then suddenly feels like in ice land.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last night my friend K said something that really makes me think a lot, he said he only able to chase A to B class pretty girl, not S class.

S class is the best of the best. We work at a restaurant, we able to see lots of pretty girl dining in our restaurant almost everyday. Of course, we have seen S Class many times before not just once, it's not because they are more rare than A or B class, Australia got a lot of S class pretty girl.

It's just that the S class speak english mostly, and they are normally higher in standard than A and B class. My another friend A once said that I got the potential to chase S class, I don't really know what it means.
Probably the S class's life is a bit different than A or B class, or maybe their prespective is a bit different assuming they are higher in standard and they stand at a higher ground, looking at things from the top. Or maybe they see things differently, since they are S class, they probaly met a lot of people before already.

I don't have much to say, I'm still thinking what S class girls want.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Kara is a popular korean girl band which I personally quite like, I didn't know about Kara until my friend introduced me. The first MV I watched was this one, the song name is Mister.

It was damn enjoying to watch their dance, I feel the song is so so, but the dance is so captivating, lol, especially the lalalala part when they sway their butt.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


One of my favourite band! I used to dislike techno, but that was before perfume added Cuteness to techno!!! their songs are now in my iPod! I listen to them almost everyday!!

Most important is their dance! totally out of this world!!!

Oh ya, if you wondering what they are playing in that MV, that is called pika-pika, it's very popular in Japan.

Club Prince

Ahhaha, I super love club prince, so cool lol !
You know why? because almost all of their MVs got pretty girl dancing at the background lol!!!
And their songs are nice of course!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New song again

I was extremely busy this lately, I work for 12 hours per day! Totally have no time for blogging or onlining.

But I have written a new song, it's called 想这样

I don't have a lot of inspiration this lately, but I tried to squeeze out any juice that was left. Merely because I felt I should at least write a new song for the start of the new year, luckily I did finish a song in one day, but it took me quite a lot of time (more than 4 hours). That is the difference between when I got a lot of inspiration (1-3 hours one song) and little inspiration.

Anyway, I can produce a song anytime that I want, just it takes longer when I don't have a lot of inspiration, that's why I wont be doing that so often, once a while is ok.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year~

It's kinda late now, but I still feel I wanna write a post to wish everyone Happy New Year!

My new year celebration was nothing, I had to work the day before and after new year until 11 p.m. Then hang out with friends at a not so crowded place.

Anyway, I'll try to update my blog more. I'm not a person who needs to work, but I'm now working at full time because the employees are few and there's not enough person to help. That's what hinders me to update more frequently. In short, nowadays I'm very busy.

Happy New Year again everyone! Especially to my friends at Malaysia and Taiwan.