Friday, July 31, 2009

It should be now

Perfectionist I am, it often troubles me when I fail to acomplish thing according to what I want. How longer should it troubles me? Should I give up the ideology itself?
"Nothing is perfect, but we have to be close to perfect as much as we can." That is what I always says. Have I bear it too much?

I know I'm getting sick of it, I was too worried about failing to achieve the right thing until I lose grip on situations that supposed to be solved easily. I couldn't let any flaws in my decision, tense and pressure built up, I consulted people, and then still made a bad decision. It's bad in my context because it's not perfect.

It's time that I lower the bar, lower my expectation, lower my contentment, and stop pursuing perfection. Acquisitiveness was comsuming me, and I was disgraced.
I'm losing...

Be modest, be humble, be moderate, and be myself.

So I can have peace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Broken Cross +

A broken Cross...

Saddened, it's time to repair or replace it.
It binds my heart, so that it wont go overboard.
One to bind my hand, so that it wont make autonomous decision.

It's a seal, and amplifier.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Freedom of speech

The freedom of speech and freedom fo the press is a central tenet of a free democracy.

The importance of free speech in a democracy can be explained as such, it is not necessary to stress the ends which are achieved by the capcity to speak freely: ideas might be developed freely, culture may be refined, and the arrogance or abuse of power may be controlled. These ends are important ends in a free society.

This is something which is clearly our nation lacked. Therefore as the first step to neutralise our nation, the freedom of speech has to be given further extend without being confined by political or executive power. And of course a clear fine line has to be drawn to prevent the crime of sedition and defiance.

Our freedom of speech has been heavily constrained by ISA because the Act is undefined, capable of encompassing areas which are evidently in our fundamental right to express.
The freedom of speech ostensibly be seen as the first step towards democracy, because what's good if you don't even have the right to protect your own right, and you still want to assert your right of freedom of speech? I see malaysia as a country of such. At the moment, I stumbled on here and unable to go on and suggest the means and remedy. I'll try to explore the options and ways to rectify all this, finding the answer to consolidate our fundamental rights as a citizens, to make transparent our administration at state and federal level ,and ultimately to ensure a democracy country. The first answer to all this, is the freedom of speech. It still got a long way to go.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Musically incapable

I ran out of juice, and things are getting on my way. Goodbye, music composing competition.
In life is about giving up something, in order to gain another.
I gave up music, what have I gained?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The longest 12 seconds

I thought we will never met again, I thought you left and never return, I thought our fate is just a coincidence.

3 years already... There was a girl when I was in Taylor college, I tried to chase her but never succeed. She is very beautiful, elegant in every ways which makes me wanna go for her. But the real reason was our fate had often brought us together.

We would see each other everytime when we go out, bump into each other so often that it is no more surprising to see her in most unthinkable places.

I have her msn, talked to her several times but it's too late for me as she already got a bf. I have given up but fate hasn't.

She left to oversea to study Law, at UK University of Reading. Since then we never met. But yesterday fate has brought us together again, she was standing in front of me, like it was 3 years ago, and she has not change at all.

The only thing that stands between us is her bf. It was the longest 12 seconds in my life, watching her in a packed lift. I desperately tried to take the next lift but it was packed till the next 2 rounds.

Her name is Yean. Those who know her must know she is very beautiful, my buddy should know that.
She was gone when I reached the departure hall.

When will we meet again?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beng Hock and MACC downfall parody

This clip was shared by my friend with me yesterday, the parody was taken from a movie called Valkyrie. Valkyrie is a movie about Hitler assassination, the only thing that fascinates me is Hitler himself, because the Hitler in this movie has a striking resemblance to the real Hitler who was dead long ago. I have watched the movie, and these guys are able to make such amusing clip from this movie, really creative hor?

There are numerous of speculations of Beng Hock death circulating the media, people are saying that he was murdered instead of committed suicide. But things are prone to different interpretation, you don't have to listen or follow to everyone, you can make your own speculation as long it is backed up with facts and arguments. And I should put forward my own speculation already. There's no right or wrong with conjecture, it's like a steps to solve the "mathematical problem", there could always be a real answer that will defeat all, because it's not founded on real evidence. It's often the real answer is not the public opinion,

I speculate Beng Hock has committed suicide, he is not murdered by anyone.
He did collect those money on behalf of his employer, MACC had given strong and concrete evidences so he had no possible way to escape.
Under high pressure and lost of hope he ended his life.
The reason I'm giving this speculation is based on the facts that the menteri besar of selangor state had let the gangster to use the state meeting venue, it was on the newspaper.
The menteri besar has been corrupting, obstructing the police to arrest the hooker centre, it's all in the newspaper. I forgot the name already.
Then the menteri besar also got connection with this state assembly member, who is beng hock employer. One person cannot do corruption alone, they must have partners or friends to help.
So both of them are doing the bad things, they are smart because they ask this poor boy to collect those corruption money, while they remained innocent.
When all evidences are pointing toward this poor boy is like the end of his carrer, he is new and inexperienced, he just graduate and new to the society, there's a possiblity that he commited suicide.

I don't preclude the conclusion that, the MACC people PUSH him down the building, or the person who is behind this PUSH him down the building.
It just seems absurd to me to accept that they push him down the building to cover their ass, layman would think it is plausible, but it will only escalate the problem.
But I still don't preclude it, I might be wrong.
Try to think yourself, try imagine what the real culprit would do, would he says "omg, the poor boy has been caught, let us go push the poor boy down the building"
It's stupid, it might be true also because somebody could be that stupid (go push somebody down the building without giving any thought, like it was very fun, very siok).

Ya, I still don't preclude the possibility that somebody push him down the building, like most of the public think. But I think he is likely to have committed suicide more than been murdered.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 year

Will miss you, family.
Dad, mom, sisters, ah ma, ah gong, take care, and I always love you all.
Bebe, poppy, kito take care of our home.
Kakak, you please lock the door and on alarm always. 

Dad, take care your health, don't eat too much unhealthy food.
Mom, I'll let you live a comfortable life, please wait me, I don't want you to be so hard everyday.
Sis, you can make it to the top, just believe yourself, you are the strongest of all of us.
Little Sis, I'll always protects you, and I believe you are the smartest.
Little Sis, don't be lazy, beat my academic result anytime, I wait you.

2 days left.

Dad, when I said the golf course is too big to accommodate a rich old hag, the common people are jogging around the golf course, you asked me to make the golf course into a jogging area and recreation park for the common people to use, I'll make that happen for you, I promised.

Pray for you all everyday. 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Squanderer, Vacation

Dad said since I back the electricity bill increased RM300 more, that means I used a lot of electricity.

I felt ashamed of myself, it wasn't dad who told me personally, it was mom. Mom wants me to learn how to conserve resources, and use sparingly. I will try, but it's not easy in my home.

The air con in my room is larger than usual, and got high horsepower. If the scale of the HP is 1 to 5, mine should be 5 HP. It consumes a lot of energy, some more I sometimes use it during afternoon. So it's hard to conserve energy in my home. 
My house electricity bill can buy a nokia N97 already, every month. Not to mention water bill, and other.
It makes me realized one thing, I got a high maintenance house, 
I must study harder in order to excel, so I can do the same thing like them.

All feelings aside, focus on my ambition first.

The Little Genting

We went to a place called little genting. It is situated at penang, bayan lepas there go down further by the coastal road. 
It was a bit far, rough road was all along the way to there, and finally a 60 degree hill climb up to the top, we got this, the sunset at the sea. It was such a overwhelming moment we literally indulged in the beauty of the sunset, and the breathtaking view from top of the mountain. 

My sis with my dad. I felt uncomfortable exposing my family photo, just once in a while I'll do so, but this is the first time.

Mom was giving me the attitude look, while ordering dishes. 

Little sis busy with taking photo.

Ah ma, and Ah gong. Ah gong is very conservative and holds firmly on lots of traditional view.
Notable handsome when he was young, I couldn't believe he is my grandfather when I saw his pictures, I'm not overrated lo. He is very strict, unlike my ah ma who is more tender and loving.

The sun sank into the sea as we watched. God created this beautiful moment for us to keep and remains us constantly there's always a beautiful side on this world. Don't give up because of the obstacles and hinderances that we stumbled upon, but continue to fight on because of the good things that always been exist.

The bon odori

It's easier to use the chinese idiom to describe, "people sea people mountain".
I had plenty of fun there with my family.
And also a ppk from a friend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had lots of lazing at home these days, surfing the net in a air-con room.
As my holiday is coming to an end, I tend to stay at home for most of the time.

Going to penang tomorrow, this time my ah ma and ah gong are coming with us,
there will be a bon odori festival on this saturday, and we are going too.
I went the bon odori  2 years ago at kl, it was an enormous event, with thousands of people attended each year. 
This year they expect it to have 50 thousand of people attending the festival.

It will be very crowded there, but it doesn't concern me, I just want to have fun with my family.
The food doesn't concern me as well, I know there will be selling of japanese foods there,
but those are just the usual one. We are going to Tao's to partake of the authentic japanese cuisine, I know Tao's is also typical, but it's better than the food from bon odori a lot.

So I don't know what should I say to recommend people to go there, what sort of attractions or allurements that are compelling, I might just say you should go because of the food, or you should go because it's a big event. But one thing I'm sure is you can see a lot of weird people, dressing queerly seeking attention, and also you'll get to see the japanese traditional performance. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


AHH, fantastic, great, amazing, marvelous, prodigious, all the words you can think of, are inadequate or insufficient to describe transformer if you're not watching the movie yourself.
I mean I heard people commented about how great the movie was, but I just didn't know how great the movie is until I went cinema and watched it with my bare eyes.

It was just freaking amusing, exciting, and heart-beating. Every parts of the movie worth every second of it, and you will feel like watch it and watch it over and over again, until you finally absorb every frame of astonishing images in your brain.

It was greater than its first movie, 10 times or more!
My favourite characters are all the characters of the movie, it is the first time I would like all the characters in one movie!
But the favourite character that I liked the most, is the ex-sector 7 agent, he is damn funny.
He always do the pointless things like climbing up to the top of the pyramid, seemingly doing something contributive for his country, but really achieving nothing other than shouting to the air and wasting the energy to climb up the pyramid.
The sector 7 agent even flashed his rough and craggy butt to the big screen, and a sector 7 underwear!

Whoo, damn enjoying transformer, it's a must watched movie. 
I know I'm kinda late of watching it, but I'm still happy. =D

Monday, July 13, 2009

The executive me

I had stayed many hotels before every since I was a little kid.
But being executive only started 3 years ago, before this we only stayed at superior or standard room, because my family is quite big, 6 persons and sometime plus my ah ma, ah gong, who are living with my uncle, will occasionally join us, so every time will always take at least 2 rooms at hotel.

The executive room hotels that I had invaded since 2006, are more famously known:
The G hotel at penang, The boulevard hotel at mid valley city kuala lumpur,
The Cititel hotel at mid valley city kl, and the most luxurious one is The Garden hotel at mid valley also.

G hotel
Room: executive suite

One thing special about this post is, I only talk about the executive type of room, which you wont get at ordinary price. Example, I wont talk about like the standard room which also got executive standard room, where room will be the same, just got extra facilities for you to use, and slightly expensive.

And this type of room is executive suite, there's no "suite" only. There must be an executive status for this type of room.
Pictures can tell not much precise about the luxury, I just used a 5 mp handphone camera. The colour of this picture is too disqualifying to portray the opulence of this room, it actually didn't display the right colour as when I was in this room, 6 months ago.

Again, taking picture is not really my favour, this room got a huge toilet with see through window, the size of the toilet was like "bigger than a small room, and consisted of two compartments similar to two small rooms combined", I didn't take a good picture of it. The G hotel which purportedly the best and most expensive hotel in penang, has an executive suite room toilet which is not really a simple one: it's by far the most largest toilet I ever used in hotel's room. Not just the sheer size of it, it's luxuriousness is extremely high, but I wont say it's the most highest one.
Other details are, two large screen plasma tv, an Ipod music dork, and internet connection.

You can still get a more expensive room than this, which is the service apartment (with kitchen) and The G suite. Two of these room don't really fit the use of my family.

The executive lounge

Still continue with G hotel, this is the executive lounge where people staying in room with executive status have the privilege of enjoying or using this facility.
I came to know about the executive privileges about 3 years ago, before that I got complete absent of the knowledge.
Executive lounge is the place for afternoon or evening tea, there's whole lots of variety of dessert, beverages, and food. You can come anytime to sit down and relax, while viewing the outstanding and breathtaking view out of the window, you can see the whole gurney drive and sea from there. It's remarkably awesome.
The choice of food of there is chocolate, cake, some dishes, cookies. I just generally listed out the types of food, and not going into details, but I can tell you the food is just about the quality as the hotel itself.
The beverage got wine, beer, soft drinks and fruit juice.
There was also a secret fridge where you can get more and more canned-drinks, it's secret because it's hidden inside the cupboard where you thought it's just a decorative wall. Don't worry about the secret-ness, it's just to fool the new comer so they wont be that easily to get the free drinks themselves.
Beside that, there was also a free pc with internet available for us, big LCD screen or plasma tv, cocktails (only in certain period), and toilet of course.

These all facilities I have mentioned are compulsory in every executive lounge and is present in every executive lounge I ever been.

Again, I dislike the feeling of taking picture like a journalist. So I didn't take many picture. I had been there for many times, and got no feeling for it already. This picture were taken 1 year ago, before I was about to leave the country.

They are seemingly a bit extravagant, but still I enjoyed it. You can get the executive status by taking the executive standard room if you think suite is too expensively unnecessary. But I dare you to take it, because you will surely impressed with the room itself.
G hotel has always been the favourite of my family, because of the striking penang sea view where you can get from your room or the lounge.

The Boulevard hotel
Executive lounge

Another luxurious hotel's executive lounge, still not much pictures had been taken too.
The lounge was extremely large, you can jogging inside the lounge if you want.
You can see the view of the KL tower and KLIA from there clearly and nicely, this was taken 6 months ago during new year eve. We enjoyed fireworks and had a new year eve celebration there, the hotel had their own fireworks though it was too close for us to see it from there.
Other details are, more number of PC available for use, the toilet is larger with bathroom, more table and chairs and more Tv as well. Overall larger than the G hotel.

The studio room

We stayed at the studio room of this hotel, no picture at all for this room because I didn't take any.
The room was very large and only available at every corner of the hotel, because of the design of the room itself.
It also got the executive status, and a large see through bathroom and toilet.
See through means only glass, that includes the door.
SO, I think it's a good idea to bring your girl friend to stay in this type of room, hahaha, just kidding. BECAUSE THE BATHROOM DOOR NOT JUST MADE OF GLASS, IT CANT BE LOCKED!

The current trend is like this, and we are always expect it to be so:
The more expensive the room is, the more "see through" toilet or bathroom you'll get.
There's 70% of possibility it's like this.

The only problem with this hotel was, it's a years old hotel, it's very modern, just the things aren't new.

The Garden hotel!!

By far the best of all hotel I ever stayed in malaysia is this.
It's extremely modern, every inch of its hotel wall is a work of art.
The garden hotel was truly amazing, it will stunt everyone who is first entering the hotel. You can go google to have a look of what it's like.

Sadly there's only two types of room in this hotel: standard room, or executive standard room.

All the room are the same size, just you can ask for twin bed or king size bed.
Then if you like being executive, add 1 hundred bucks you can enjoy the executive-ness of this extremely luxury hotel.
First benefit of being executive is, you check in not at the reception lounge at the ground floor, BUT! YOU'LL CHECK IN AT THE TOP FLOOR, WITH SPECIAL ROOFLESS SKY VIEW AND HYPER EXTREMELY GOOD SERVICE.
You'll be stunned, stupefied by the beauty of the hotel, every corner every walls ceiling or no ceiling, is made of art and expensive materials.

I'm the one of the guy in my family who does the check in beside my dad, and that time was me who did the check in, and my dad didn't know anything about this special treatment. If he knew he would come along too, hahaha.

The executive lounge is standardized got everything there.
It was large and had more varieties of food and beverage.
I was impressed with the service they provide, as they will serve you every minutes and every hours until you'll feel like a king.


By far the most smallest in size of the executive lounge is the G hotel one at penang.
But it was the most comfortable one and the view was the best out of all the hotels I mentioned.

I regretted I didn't take any picture of The garden hotel,because it was the most beautiful hotel I ever stayed. It was 6 months ago when we first stayed at the hotel, and the hotel was just built.
Still in construction at that time was The Garden residences hotel, right beside to it.
It's designed for big family like us to go, with more bedroom in one apartment.
It's a hotel although all rooms are likely to be apartment.
The concept was developed for family to stay, so next time we will probably go visit that hotel and stay there. There was a building part between The Garden hotel and The Garden residences hotel, and was likely to be a huge swimming pool and spa facilities.

I'm looking forward to visit that hotel soon.
Thanks to my generous parents who always took care of us, and had given us all the luxurious that we are able to enjoy, and also always had given the best for us.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Project R

Something struck my mind when I was listening to two of my songs,以前 and 的故事.
It was written as sequal to another, breifly portraying my high school period.
It got its own lyrics, for both of them, but I didn't put it out here.

So, I got an idea of something worth a try of, something that I see may be the future of music production industry, something that's new and original, and most likely never been attempted.

I called it Project R, and the date of initiation will be at 1st of august 2009,
I named it that way, because it will be used to challenge my own creativity, and my music composing ability. It will also extends my own border and breaks the limitations in making music, which is always been my hobby.

Project R:
The idea is this, I will start composing songs which has its own story, each song will makes part of the bigger story, like episodes of a drama. lyrics will be written by me, even though I know I'm a very crappy lyrics writer, but I want the story be made my me consistently, so no choice but to use me as the lyrics writer.

For example, I'll make 10 songs, every song makes an integral parts of a story.
To "read" the story, you listen to the song while looking at the lyrics which tells the story.
Each song will have their own names and lyrics of course, and it wont be named as part 1 or part 2, instead it will be named by their own theme.

The duration of this project is 2 years, so the date of completion will be at 1st august 2011.
It's because I'm devoting my time mostly to studies and uni, 2 years will be reasonable for me to complete this project. And I suck at writing lyrics, so it will takes more time too.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The day before I leave Melbourne

I took some pictures and I cant even remember it.
In fact, I dislike taking picture of myself. I would love to take picture of my family but not me.
I'm Extremely lazy, and most of the time don't understand why I should take picture.
There are too many reason why, and I don't wanna explain it.

The reversion of using Malay as a medium of learning math, and science.

I been observing the hot debating issue for two days already, and it's likely that the decision that had been made, will not be changed.

Now we only need to contemplate the prospective effect of such reversion.

Malaysia is governed mostly by pig head twit which got little ability to think,
no matter how much you tell them, or how much you have proven to them,
that such reversion will destroy the efforts to make Malaysian graduatees to possess a strong command on english language, and to be able to make rival and compete with the world in academic achievement in subjects like maths and science.  
It's because that these two subjects are all teach in english in higher level, it would be a major disadvantage to learn these two subjects in Malay in early stage, as the student will find it difficult for them to cope with the teaching when they reach the tertiary level of study.
Adding extra time of and intensified the teaching of english will do no help for the student.
- It's like adding extra time for swimming lesson in a calm water, but never did let them swim in sea with tide and wind, where the mission is to swim in a violent and vigorous sea water.
With only a decrease in graph pattern, they already concluded that english is not the suitable medium for teaching maths and science. 
C'mon, such pattern was expected, such decrease in academic score was anticipated, you tried to rectify the wrong trend, and you such expect the uncomfortability of doing so.

By saying that we cant use english to learn maths and science, our academic result decreasing, we have conceded that we are worst than singapore, hong kong and other asian countries which use english for maths and science, our student are dumb-er. 

I'm so tried to write further, wanna sleep already, lazy to write long also.
So I shorten the prospective adverse effects of such decision:
1. lower the confidence of student to study maths and science in tertiary level.
2. provides no better incentive of learning english.
3. indirectly discourage people to use english extensively
4. produce more idiot teacher who cant use english to teach. (because they don't need to)
5. the use of precise technical terms will likely to be replaced by simple undeveloped malay terms. More ambiguity in text meaning. More limitation in expression. More likely the borrowed-terms from english will be used. More new unoriginal words in kamus dewan.
6. student cant cope with the study when come to tertiary level.


I was astonished with my friend, xin yun, she managed to sell her books close to original price! 
I still got my first year first semester books which never did manage to sell also,
and she sold it with a margin of 15 bucks from the original price, how she managed to do that?!

One more thing that I was impressed about her, 
she started a relationship right before she went back to australia when she returned to malaysia for only 2 weeks of holiday. 
I can see nothing but Love, Courage and strong Belief and Hope that could make the long distance relationship works. What's more when she only back for 2 weeks, I'm sure the time they spent together wasn't long, though they had chosen: 距离是一份考卷,测试相爱的誓言

If not for my stupid pride and passive disposition...
If you read this, Sorry for quoting out your phrase without your permission.
We will probably never meet again, don't mind la =D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The world

To bring perfection necessitates scarifies..
Let the world rots like a corpse, which maggots tears flesh out of the skin,
let the inconvenient truth be disclosed,
showing the ugliness, the hideous, of a pretty being,
until what is left is nothing.
An excuse for malevolence and spite, will often be condemned,
the acts of the crusader have always been disdained,
but nothing would stop the profound view of such, undeniable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The afternoon

The afternoon was peaceful, quiet, and bright.
While listening to music, I was in total relaxing state.

Now you know why I so like malaysia and my home.
My friend said "Why don't you work at oversea and never come back? many people did that."
Nah, oversea is not really the place for me. Or maybe Australia is the problem.

Living at oversea is like living in a dead town, the ambience of the residential area is very dead.
I prefer the busy narrow road, where you can always spot road kill, deranged man shouting nonsensically, people quarreling when accident occurred, and cops bribery.

At oversea so sien, unless you live at the city, and the living cost will be so different already.
And also, you can only live a very simple and moderate life at oversea, you'll probably work with some company, having a wage that looks a lot only when it's converted to malaysia ringgit. How stupid is that, that just bogus. 
If you earn like 3k per month at aus, you convert it to RM 9k, and you say it's a lot. But in fact 3k is very shity at aus, sometime I used 2k per month already for the living cost. How you gonna raise a family and buy car and house?
So you will most probably live a very moderate life at oversea, that's not what I wanted.

The chances that you will be success at oversea is diminished by geographical and adaptability factors. It will takes many years before you're fully understood and adapted with the culture, social, and the thinking and mind-set of the local people. 
There are too many limitations to start as new at oversea, but less limitation if you are not starting new, but merely moving what you already own.

Yes, it's wonderful to hear people are leaving for oversea, and their life are prospered.
That just the false image that most of the people get, the truth is they only live a moderate life at oversea, because most of them work as employees only. And the benefit of living at oversea is that everyone are lazy to work, middle class people constitutes the majority of the society, there's nothing to be compared with. You go there you earn some money, and that's it, you can live a comfortable life and wont look poor. 

I chose to come back because I'm a more realistic person. And my home is too irresistible to be abandoned. Oversea is just a place for study, holiday, or as a retirement place. Definitely not a place to kick start your dream. Or maybe yes if your dream is to work under people and live a moderate and boring life. 

I read the Aussie newspaper, australia is still a very racist country, not on the face of law like malaysia, but in the area of business opportunity, elevation or promotion. Not just that, you can try open a clinic and see you got business or not. Once they saw you got dark skin, or slit-eyes, you can hit flies already. Must understand that those who have proven success are local people, even though they are not white but asian, they already assimilated with the local culture and tend to be easier to form the bond with local people. Not like us, who from oversea. You'll need to stay there for a long time before you can establish and achieve like what the locals have, and that time period may be so long that you can retire already.

Conclusion, I'm not going to live at oversea especially Australia, I might go America, Taiwan or Japan which is more interesting and could be the compensating factors. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dad you are the greatest

I stumbled upon the apple new promotion regarding its new Macbook pro.
I instantly felt the "crumble" inside me, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MACBOOK ALUMINIUM ?

It has been renamed to Macbook pro aluminium, the design is completely the same, except for an added SD card slot.

AND, 0.12 ghz faster, extra 2gb DDR3 ram.

WTH, I just bought the apple 4 months ago, I was telling my dad about the apple wicked plan of rebranding the previous Macbook aluminium to Macbook pro aluminium.
Damn un-satisfied with such taken move, it's all steve jobs' fault, must be one of his many cunning ideas to increase his business profitability.

He installed bluetooth device in every Iphone and Ipod but made crippled the products so that they cant use bluetooth without the new firmware upgrade, and of course extra payment is needed for the firmware upgrade. - wicked

Steve Jobs you not steady lah, the idea of rebranding the product had just made my Macbook aluminium instantly obsolete. You just announced that macbook 1 year ago, now it's outdated already. I damn dislike it, it's like you just bought a Nokia N95, then not long after that, Nokia announced a new Nokia N95 8g (Luckily I bought this one), or Nokia 3310 then came this Nokia 3310 "I"

I was expressing my depress while looking at the apple web site.

Then came the life-saving words from my dad: "I'll buy you that new macbook pro, this one you give me use."

Omg! dad are you serious? "ya lah, I want to use also, your sister want to use too"
Mom! Is dad serious? "har lah! Use Daddy money."
I want to give my sister use too.

Happy ever after, The end.

The club

Gosh, I promised that I would train my body to the fittest when I coming back malaysia.
I guess 4 months of training is still not enough, I need at least 2 years to be at their level.
So who are they?
They includes someone who I view as my mentor.
He is very handsome, very fit, and very charismatic. The reason that I started to go gym is because of him, he inspired me deeply.
He and his friends are all regular gym-ing people, they are all bigger than me, I'm the youngest.
His friend is nice looking too, and they are all came from rich family. Always surrounded by girls and hot chick.
I'm so admired them, that's the group where I should belonged, since long time ago.
They are all mature, easy going people, most probably came from same background, it's easy for me to mix with them. I prefer to talk to mature people.

Hope I graduate sooner, so I can join the big boy club.

New song agian

Finally, I have completed this song.  I had promised someone that I would write a song for him. It may be used for music composing competition, not sure yet.

I named it 爱情篇

This song doesn't have lyrics, but it will have one soon.

Ok, that's the final song I composed in this holiday. I want to spend more time to enjoy my holiday, not spending more time in front of computer and laptop.

And "thanks" to this surround speaker, I could hardly hear any clean sound, it wasted me a lot of time trying to adjust with it, and also really tested my hearing to the highest level.
Dad wanted a movie sound system, yea it sounds great when watch movie, but not when a clean and clear sound is needed.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The days are less and less

I love being at home, and I can't understand why people dislike to be at home.

I'm counting my days to melbourne,  I wish that day will never come.

Everyday at home, albeit slacking at most of the time, I'm totally enjoyed it.
I can watch astro which has endless tv shows,  
I can play with my dogs, 
I can watch my dad's fish pond,
I can play piano and occasionally open meetoto and perform,
I can go out to the balcony lie down the floor with cushion and watch the sky for hours,
aahhhh... it just reminds me that I should do that tomorrow, watching the sky for hours, definitely.

Not just things I could do, but also better things I could enjoy.
I got king size bed, own bedroom and toilet at my home.
How good is that? Try compare this with a single bed and communal bathroom and toilet at melbourne, sad lo, I could hear somebody farting when I was in the toilet, then came the stench, how "enjoyable".
And lots of things like food, cleanness, all are better too. 

I wish I'll never leave my home...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dog drinks bird nest

He loves it, but not me.
I drink this since I was child, and this bird nest is not completely genuine, I can tell only by one sip. So it ended up in my dog's bowl, my dad's one in the sink.
Better don't drink it if it's not genuine, really.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

New song

I guess somebody will say me write girly song, nonono.
I promised a friend that I would write a cute song for her, she is only 14 years old.
She is a talented lyrics writer.

This is the first time I attempted to write this kind of song: 小心
If you look at the right hand bar, these are my works, and I never write this type one.

I'm not gonna perfect this song, I'll just leave it like that.
Unless there's someone who wish to use it, then I'll perfect it by adding more tunes.
I don't even have chance to listen to this song, I FELT AWKWARD by just playing it and my family would hear it. I play a part here and a part there when I'm composing the song, so they wont know what song I'm making.

Lazy to write song nowadays. Got so much stuff to do.

Time passes by

Time passes by slowly, as I sat down looking at my backyard.

A lot of things went through my mind, I felt like I can spend the whole day by sitting there and watch the birds, trees and wind, and observe the shade change direction with the sun.

I was thinking about my goal, my future, and a few friends who are important to me.

I learnt a lot of things, by talking with them,
I appreciate true friends, a lot.
Seek for the right person for advice, and things are making a lot of sense to me. Seek for the wrong person for advice, not just help you wont get, you also risk your personal matter being exposed for nothing, also being tired for nothing.
Apparently there's a lot of different people out there, deciding who is worthy or unworthy as a friend is often a choice to make.
Thank you, the one who sits beside me during high school, I'm sorry for the harm I caused.

I have somebody in my mind right now, I'm clear of what I want.
I might not have the time privilege like other guy, but I have the heart to wait.
It doesn't matter how or what happen in the future,
It's important only right now, and the intention to continue on to have what I really want and like.
I finally got what you meant, the one who sits beside me during high school.

Every morning my beautiful mom, loves to sit at that extra bed watching the trees and enjoying the calm wind, I finally too, have a grasp of what she was doing, she is thinking about the future of her son...

Thank you mom, you are still very beautiful at your age, and still able to make people envy that I have such a beautiful mom, stay like this forever k? I love you.
- Your son.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Same town different people

I finally realised and acknowledged the change of people, the people who I thought I always knew.
Some of us change, Some of us don't.
I'm not changing, but I'm growing. That is distinctively different than change.
Growing and improving means I'm just simply making my attributes better.
Changing means, unpredictable, departed from normal, or the way of adoptation has to be different in order to synchronize with it.

I stand firmly on my own value, I believe nothing should affects me or changes me,
but only to improve me.
What really undesirable is to say goodbye, but I wont feel pity.
Move on, and case closed.

Got people complaint

Got people complaint about my blog theme, she said that my blog very girly.
Yup, I admit after hearing what she said about my blog.

First of all she said my blog uses pink colour for the font.
And second she said my blog banner is girly.

I would like to explain this, as I was completely shocked when I heard her comments.
The reason that I used pink colour for "some of the font" is because, I'm partially Colour Blind
What I see is grey colour instead of pink, if u ask me now which font I uses pink colour, I cant tell, because I cant distinguish efficiently between colours.
I can only tell it's pink when the colour exhibited comprised or extend to a larger area, the intensity of the colour is higher, and the colour standalone rather than mixing with other.

About the banner, I always like 晴天, so I searched the google for the theme I like, and found the pictures quite nice. It is just that simple.
I don't really care that picture girly or not, I just like the theme, to think of it, It does look girly a bit.

After considering this, I will change my blog appearance again, but at the meantime, I use this banner first.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunny day~

Here will be my new home, everything will start as new.

My name is Ron, I'm 21 years old, born in 16, October, 1988, libra.
Currently I'm a student at Monash University Australia, second year of law degree.
When it comes to writing about myself, I really don't have much to say,
I have my own beliefs and principles that I would defend to the highest extend,
and also an open-minded person willing to accept and to hear what is right or wrong.
And here will be the place for me to write down my feelings, thoughts, experiences, and also basically, a small part or fraction of my life will be captured and preserved in here by words and stories. I'm now 181 cm, 68 kg. I still wish I can be higher, fitter, because I believe constantly improving your physical appearance is also an important task to be accomplished, life is short, so flourish so that you can make the best out of yourself.
I backed to malaysia a week already for sem break, 
I had met a couple of friends, and also known a new person, hope I can proceed to know her more.
Things aren't changed much, and a new start is often at the original place, so it's good to be at home. I like use 晴天 as my name, it all started when I was at high school, that time Jay chou just out a new album, I'm always his fan since his debut album. There was one day, I sat at the piano and I subconsciously played out his song 晴天, by using both hand without practice. So from that day onward, I knew I have the capability to naturally know the chords and mimic any song immediately as long I could remember the tune. That marked an important beginning of something in my life, so I always like to use 晴天.