Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The difference

The difference between studying in Malaysia and Overseas is extraordinary.

In overseas, I have known friends that when I ask them what their fathers do, they cant really explain it. They can only explain it by typing their fathers' name into google, and showing it to me by using

In Malaysia, I doubt that will ever happen.

Me? I'm not that rich, not even inside top 100# of Malaysia richest, but I have a friend who is top 21# of Malaysia richest. I'm able to live a comfortable life and that's it.

So there's a truth in of what my teacher used to say to us, he said "it's better you go overseas and study if you are capable, don't waste your time in Malaysia, because the level of people you will know is different." He said it in a more realistic way "those people you will know in Malaysia are just beginning to build their empire from nothing, those people you will know in overseas have their big empire already."

I'm certainly not coming from that top 100# richest families, but I shall be in that list one day, no matter what it takes.

So, fuck it with music, fuck it with blogging. That's not my thing anymore, law is my thing, because that is what I'm going to build my empire from. Sorry, I wont be updating my blog that frequent anymore. I have a huge modern bungalow, I can afford a ferrari but I dont have one, but that's not enough because what I saw, is already out of my imagination, it's out of that ferrari and huge bungalow, because my friend can afford 200 ferrari, and I can just afford one.

When I reach the top, it will be a view that I will never forget.

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