Saturday, July 24, 2010

The life right now

There have been a lot of things happened this lately, my life is slightly convoluted right now. I'll start to write more about my search for the perfect theory for various thing in life, I have learned quite a few things from different people I've met recently.

And about the layout of my blog, I wonder when I'll have the time to change it.
And if I want to change it, I still have no idea what kind of layout that I want atm.

About music, I have no inspiration this lately, lost my source of inspiration again I guess. I wish I could meet someone that can give me endless of inspiration one day, someone has told me, that I'll meet that person. But I told her back, "you could be that person, but atm I do not desire any gf." She said I'll have that feeling back, I'm not sure she is right.

I wish that I will attain my dream one day, that is to stand on the podium of politic, to make substantial and good change to the people.

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