Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exam is finished

Actually it was finished days ago, I was playing all the long, so no time to update.
I start to think whether I want to re-design my blog or not, I have another very nicely designed blog at other place myself.

I think with my fairly high IQ, I can do almost anything. I designed a very complicated template for my another blog, it's complicated that it takes time for me to grasp what I have done after I stop looking at the code that I hand-made myself for a while. I laid a paper on that blog and anything I write is on that pieace of paper, which can elongate automatically adjustable accoding to how much I write. The trick is to fit that paper on your entries, and to make it aligned. It's the structure that makes it so complicated, and it's not like blogger, blogger is way easier to design because they fixed the structure for you already. That one is build from scatch, with some little example to help you only.

If compare two blogs, my the other blog looks nicer. But I not sure I got time to re-design again. Will see how~

(Don't worry about my other blog, I update this blog more frequent than that one a lot)

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