Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going back

Opps, I'm going back already, that means it's time to change the music in my blog to my theme song. =D

I'll always put this song when I'm going back to Malaysia, back to my own bright room, with a lot of sun light coming in, because of the many windows.

It always has been like this when I'm going back, when I reach Malaysia I'll probably play this song again in piano.

Tomorrow night I'll be sleeping on my sea of bed in Malaysia, maybe I'll grab one of the puppies to sleep with me. ;)


chia ee said...

Nice theme song..=)

Ryousuke said...

thanks Chia ee~ when r u back?

chia ee said...

no problem..haha!used to like the song so much after watching initial D..=)..6th Dec..I am rotting here!cant wait to go back!the weather here is super sucky..haih..

Ryousuke said...

Haha, malaysia is better in my opinion, even it's still very hot. It's more moisture than aus, you will feel sticky skin after you go outside.

but it's better than dry air in aus, the moist in the air sort of takes the heat away from our body. And even it's very hot you can always on the air con =)

haha initial D sound track has always been my favourite, im using intiial d as my ring tone for many years already, but it's another one not this.

Give me a call when u back haha, 017 4789868

chia ee said...

haha!!I like Msia weather as well!!the weather here is soo unpredictable!just cant wait to go back..everyone went back edi except me!and guess what I cant celebrate cny with my family!this is the suckest moment..spending cny alone in Melbourne..arrgh..

yea..initial D OST is awesome..but not everyone likes it and I don't know why..haha..I just love it..

call u as in calll u?=p