Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Why do I always run? I not really sure about that exactly.
Sometimes I feel like I was chasing something, sometimes I feel like I was running away from something.

It's sad emotions that I'm running away from, or things that I don't want to think about. There's a lake over the campus center there, when I see the lake reflection of the moon and night, it clears away everything inside my head and heart.

It's dream and ambition that I'm chasing, or something that I desire but I just couldn't get. The lake is like a mirror, it tells me whether I'm still there yet or not. Even I'm not there yet, it will show the thing that I want or desire to me.

I'm not sure when I'll stop running, probably never.
What am I designed for? Sometimes I feel I'm designed to change, I'm not sure how.

I realised that running has been my habits since I was in Malaysia, I have this habit of speeding with my car, I even speed until my new car broken, which is very rare. I hit the accelerator to full from KL to Alor Star.

I exhausted, I wish I can stop already, but too bad I cant. There's still something I need to achieve.


chia ee said...

Life is all about waiting and running isnt it?Jia you ba..You will somehow reach ur goal..=)

Ryousuke said...

Thanks, everyone has their goal, I hope u will reach ur goal as well! =)