Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last time I introduced a meido dancer named Minka Lee, she is now my most favourite dancer on internet. I just checked her Japanese Blog last few days and found out that she has recently formed a dance group, called Danceroid.

It seems that she gathered all the internet video dancer and formed a group with them. I have seen all their dance videos long before their group is formed, the other two members aren't good as Minka.

Got one too skinny, and the other one I don't how to describe, just not very appealing to me. I have my eyes on Minka only, who appears to be quite fat when compared to those skinny and short girls.

I like the song very much, even though it sounds like for girl only, I just enjoy the melody. It's a bit japanese techno style and it's nicely composed.

I think I would like to try to compose Japanese style song already, wanna give it a try =)


Anonymous said...

Good for you lad, I'm all for Kozue though.
Minka does appear to be a rather stiff dancer comparing to the rest of the girls but then again - it's obviously a matter of personal taste.

Anonymous said...

im all for kozue chan...iiie kozue sama :o
and ryousuke u look cute ^///^
my youtube account is BLoodyALiceXseriX