Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stupid self-picture

As title.

I know what you are thinking, shuddap please, I'm just trying something new.
And I want to say 사랑해비。

Ok damn sad right now, I called back to my home just to wish my mom Happy Mother's Day,
Guess what!?! They all left to Shanghai for Holiday !!! And I didn't even know about it. My dad, mom, and two sisters they all went together, left my little sis at home and she told me that.

Super awesome, they are now happy at Shanghai, I just chat with my mom 5 days ago, they didn't even tell me. Because they sure know I will ask them not to go, and so they secretly go. Ok, I want go Ski camp already!! I don't care!!

I tried called them in Shanghai but didnt work.

I still wanna say:
Mom, Happy Mother's Day!!! I say this to you every year and never miss, I hope you can hear this in Shanghai. I wish I can kiss you like when I was in Malaysia every year. I love you mom!! Miss you!!

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