Sunday, May 9, 2010

When I put this song

Usually when I put this song, it means I'm going back to Malaysia soon.
This song, which is currently playing on my blog, is sort of my theme song, and I always play it during my trip back to Malaysia with my Ipod. It feels good to listen to it, while enjoying the paddy field up from airplane. I'll play it on piano too when I back.

But am I going back to Malaysia? Most probably not.
I'm playing this song because I damn miss Malaysia.

My friend asked me to be high class, don't respond to thing that people never intended to invite you. I had been stupid to ask permission to join for that trip for like 2-3 times and got rejected bluntly like shit, because I was kinda irrational that time after hearing who are going, and I lowered my self-esteem to ask her. The usual me wouldn't do that, but doesn't matter already.
After that, my friend invited me to go Sydney with him, and I've said yes.

I'll go Sydney with my friend and his friends who I don't know at all. Yes, that's how a true friend is, he knows I can mingle with anyone I like. There will be 6 of us going to Sydney, and it will be an awesome trip.

There's only one person I cant mingle with, that is the person I like her to be my gf.

Anyway, it will be a nice winter for me in Australia. I hope it will be better than Malaysia. Therefore I have to study hard to get good result, if not I'll feel too guilty to holiday also.

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