Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What am I?

There were times when I question myself, what kinda person am I?

Last January, I was driving in Malaysia for 3 weeks with a 1 year expired driving licence. There were two occasions of police check out, and I wasn't a bit scare at all going through all that. Luckily they didn't ask me to produce my licence, if not I wouldn't be at Melbourne right now.

Because the last day when I was about to leave for Melbourne, I drove to my grandma house, speeding and with an expired licence. I had a hunch that there will be a police check out, and it did happen. There was a second police check out that day, and I drove passed them without any fear, I sorta gambled, and they didn't check my licence. If they did, I wouldn't be able to aboard the air plane to melbourne that afternoon.

That is the most recent one. I did a lot of law-breaking stuff before, right now I do less already when I was in Malaysia.
I drift my car, speed, illegal cutting, break traffic light, not following the road sign or line, basically I have committed a lot of traffic offences. Anything you could and couldn't think of, like I bolted (escape) from the police, at the same time not wearing seat belt, driving without licence, speeding, without IC, and failed bribery. (I escaped that without paying anything at all after got caught)

Just to clarify, that doesn't mean I'm not a competent driver. I have confident on my driving skills.

But I like to do things differently, I like to save time and speed. That is what driven me the most, the second one is I like the feeling of thrill. I like to drive without a licence, breaking traffic offences.

Most of the time, my dad covered up my asses. I'm so irresponsible as a son, but he knows what I'm doing, he doesn't approve of course. He has way to cancel the saman I always got, or stop the traffic police from issuing me a saman on the spot. I certainly don't want him to do that for me every time. It would be cool if one day I can break the traffic law without any liabilities attached to me. It's not that I don't respect the law, but traffic law is differently treated by me.

What makes me so daring? I don't know.
The last time when I was about to leave Malaysia for Melbourne, I still drove with expired licence and gone through police check out.

I just like the thrill from it. That's all I have to say.

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