Friday, November 20, 2009


My exam finished 5 days ago, I spent those 5 days for playing, watching movie, shopping, eat and sleep, basically I did nothing significant.

I deleted the game last night, I played enough already. It's time to start a serious life back.

I have said before that I wanted to change my image from Otaku to 型男, and I really started to do something about it. I spent like $700 aussie dollar to buy cloths. In Malaysia I can buy twice the amount of cloth with that much of money, unfortunately I wont be going home, that's why I spent money on buying cloth that much. One piece of cloth here cost about RM 200 at Malaysia, that just the t-shirt, for the pants, it will definitely cost RM 300 and above. That's why I could only bought a few cloths with that amount of money.

There will be a renovation on my blog soon, a lot of stuff I didn't do, I'll update my blog often, make it more interesting. Hope I can get more time, and I'm moving out with somebody soon, not sure whether it's a good place or not yet, tomorrow I'll know.


H@rry said...

rm2000+ BOUGHT clothes!!
sei yeh!!
you really rich!!!

Ryousuke said...

//(ㄒoㄒ)// ~~~
i also don wan de meng~~