Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sad song

One more exam to go, and I'm a free man.

I was thinking, and something hit me. I was thinking why the hell am I writing all sad songs. Well most of them are sad, I did write some chirpy songs but they are just few.

To be honest, I like to write sad song, I don't like to be sad, but I do like to write sad song. And there's one more in my head, reading to be let out. I guess I'll be continue to write sad song for a very long time.

I'm 100% not a sad person, I watched Stephen Chow's movies for hundreds or thousands of times, because I like them, I like to be amused, I like to crack cranky jokes and laugh. And I really don't like people who always appears as sad, like my friend, I talked her out of it, she was a person who always depressed and I couldn't stand it, I asked her not to be sad, tried all my ways and means to keep her happy, and I did it.

I extremely hate sad mood, but I do like to see girl with sad faces, it has to be not totally sad, it has to be a little bit sad that kind of degree. Don't like it when a girl is always sad as well, I like girl to be chirpy, joyful, bright, but not nosy.

So I certainly don't want my future gf to listen to any of my music, because it's sad. Sad as in Blue. I like Blue, not the colour but the music. I have part of me living in a sad world, but it only manifested in my music. In my imaginary world, it's much about a love story, a love story that never exists in the real world. Why I say it never exists? because I never have a great love relationship before, all I had was the old puppy love and a short term relationship.

Shit, it sucks. Better get off my single life quick, but I really don't know how. All I know is the cheap method of "internet". I never really tried in real. But I reckon that all is going to be changed. Because! I have a master to teach me, he is a playboy, handsome, and really a girl killer. His body is like a ferrari in the car world, therefore any girl would fall for him. That is only when I get back to Malaysia, to receive his training.

Until then I'll just study hard and build up my body. I love Uni life, because I think, I sort of like to study.... hmm.... how could that be?


H@rry said...

good luck for your last paper!!
Sad songs always can touch people heart ma!!

Ryousuke said...

Thanks meng~ u so free , u don have exam? or u finished already?