Saturday, November 21, 2009

Found a new place

Finally, I have found a new house. I'll be moving there by this saturday.

I'll have to buy some furniture, will have to spend money again.
Hope I can quickly find a job to earn back the money I squandered.

The weather is crazy here, it was very hot few days ago, now it's cold again. I miss the weather at Malaysia where it's stable and constant, there is no worries about what cloth to wear and bring. At here, you wear T-shirt and you thought it will be hot today but it might be cold at night or evening.

Talk back about my new place, I'll be living with a girl that I just know.
I guess if it doesn't matter to her, it doesn't matter to me as well, I just want a comfortable place to live, and that place is the best. It's modern and nice.
Most importantly she is quite a person I can live with, that's how I feel.. because I feel comfortable with her.

Thank God allowed me to find such a good place.

Looks dumb, I just wanna put something which is recent of me, so I don't care.
I always look thin and skinny, because of the cloth is baggy.

Oh one more thing, why is it I can still see changes on my body? I mean I can see my chest hairs sprout out and growing a bit. and my beard is getting more. There's still a transformation on my body, I thought I'm already over with puberty, so I guess not. I'm still on puberty.

Is that a good thing? I'm 21 already. Not so sure I should see anymore transformation on my body. Is this all started when I started to gym? The hair is not long luckily, if not I'll go lasser it no choice, it's just short and thin. Blah, why am I discussing about this? =P

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