Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The conclusion that will never be told.

I have all the answers that I wanted since I was a child. What's next?

I have known (1) why a person rather to become a beggar, than work. (2) Why a person has so little ambition, that a job as a cleaner is already a satisfaction. That covers not just the job as a cleaner, but other jobs which have low income and wages. (3) Why a person would become a prostitute, even though she is very pretty and capable of matching with any celebrities. (4) Why a person could be so evil, mischievous. (5) Why a person has no value or principle to guide him. (6) Why a person is so not considerate and always put his own interest as first, others as second or less, and not care for other in any aspect.

(4)-(6) can be categorized as one, because I can use one general answer for them.
(3) has many answers and it's by far the most complex to understand.
(2) Is almost the same as (1) but not really.
(1) gave me the most valuable answer, it provided me the basis to understand people more.

I shall not make any conclusion at here. What I've learnt is confined to myself.
And I shall use the knowledges for the good. As I'm now have more understanding of the people's choice, and how they make their choices, I'm now more able to accept them as part of the society.

(4) - (6) are better left as they be, unless repent. (1) can be prevented, but not exactly be saved. (2) can be improved, but not exactly be changed. It's just number (3)... I still don't know what to do about it.

Even that I have said what can be done about it, there are still ways to fix or improve this. That's what I believe. I carry the burdens, with the knowledge I have.

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