Saturday, December 19, 2009

The link

The link between two worlds is me. If so, what am I?
Which side do I belong?

I know where I was born, and where I came from.
But a person can be tained so easily, that it is harder, even to breathe.

Even clear water needs to be purfied, constantly, in order to be pure, or free of any contamination.
It requires a lot of determination to remain in the state of nobility, or meritorious, deserving of being praised.

I'm definitely not deserve of being praised, right now.

There's a fine line between these two worlds,
One must choose where he belongs, and should not be jumping over there and here.

I shall not be the fallen one, because I'm a dictator of myself, you cannot and shall not influence me.

There's only one side that will not be perished, I'll be as pure as possible, in order to be eligible to remain there.

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