Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Song

I'll make it short, because I'm typing on the floor...

1) I have completed a new song.
2) Don't have chair and table, it's hard for me to do composition.
3) Sitting in a bad position on the floor makes parts of my body sore.

About the song.
1) Completed in 3 hours, took me so long because of reason 2 just now.
2) It may be very noisy and complex for some poeple, but not for me, because I can separate the music in my head.
3) Have a lot of inspiration this lately, because of.... (I mentioned about my source of inspiration before)
4) Lazy to make any further improvement or change, no need to tell me any of your unsatisfaction or complaint after you listen to this song, unless authorised.

Here's the song:

Please enjoy and listen until the end, there's a difference of course, more noisy mah.
PS: use window media player to play, you sure cannot tahan if you use quick time player.

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