Thursday, December 17, 2009

My new room

I have to sleep on the floor, there's no bed frame. I quite like it because it feels quite good, but not good for health as they said.

It's pretty much bright and white. I got a fully white double bed and pillows, the quilt is fully white as well. I took a photo of my bed but the reflection of light was too intense, wont be able to see anything actually so I didn't upload it.

I got a Samsung LCD tv which is black, an IBM laptop and printer which are in black as well. And the bags are black, so it's sorta balance a bit.

The apartment is quite a modern one, there are two rectangular windows until the floor in my room. My actual room in malaysia got 35-45% walls are windows, so the windows here give me the feeling of my own actual room too, which is extremely bright and white.

Something like that, my actual room in Malaysia.

I'll take more photo of my new room next time. I'm quite lazy to take out my Canon Camera (not web cam) to take picture right now. I realised that I can't use my web cam to shoot, I need to stand at a distance to do so, hence just one picture. =P

I'm living with a person right now. The apartment is a two bedroom apartment, so things are pretty simple and tidy.

Sorry for the abnormal posts this lately, I guess nobody would understand what I wrote.


yucheng said...

many times i wanted to comment on your previous thought-provoking posts, but i guess im too stupid to figure it out given the vagueness of these posts, hehe.

just drop by to let you know that your old friend does read your blog.

PS: i actually grabbed a little bit of what you're trying to convey in those "abnormal" posts, but im afraid that i might embarrass myself if i get it wrong, hence the no-comment. :)

Ryousuke said...

The posts is not entirely vague if u read them as a whole. I'm sure that you would construe something out of it, but the reality is it might not be the one that u think, the reason is because I didn't explicitly say anything about it.

Is the posts provoking? You have the privilege to comment, u r my good friend, I would see ur comment as an advice or a genuine thoughts or point of view. So I really don't mind if u comment out of vagueness.

I'm glad to know tat u always read my blog. My blog purpose is to jot down my resolution and thoughts. it has no real intention to have other effect than refining myself and my own thoughts. And i never scare of letting out my thoughts for u guys to read it, because wat i've written is just the overloading bits of my sea of thoughts. perhaps the main preception or prespective is true, but it means nothing until i do something in accordance with it.

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