Monday, December 7, 2009

The place

Today marks the first time I ever lost, before this I really cant accept to lose.

I did as I was told. But what happened to my perfectionist view? Fuking undermines it. But it doesn't matter, to always win means I must be stronger. Currently I'm not, I don't really like to lose, but if you never lose you'll never win. It's like randomly fire a gun and see what it hits.

I prefer I only need to fire once.
I'll reach the place. Where non is able to reach, it's ridiculously godlike, and I shall be there alone.

Misconception, Otaku? or playboy? I'm already one of them.


没人妖 said...

well did you enjoy the being the "current" you??

Ryousuke said...

I'm sure I'll become wat I want to be, it's a matter of time only.