Saturday, February 20, 2010


Time is running low again. I still got a few days left before I leave here.

There are so many things that I'll miss, this simple town of mine, is more than it looked.
Back there, many people said that it's greater than here, people were persuading me to migrate to there, thinking it is better than anywhere in Malaysia, especially the wages and living condition.

They don't know what kinda life I have here. I have a very comfortable life and a loving family, I got a house which needs about 5k just to maintain every month (electricity, water bill, and other incidental expenses like internet). How can there be compared to here? The person who asked me to migrate vigorously came from a hawker stall family, and of course, when he got about 2.8k wages per month over there convert to RM he'll have RM 7-8k, the pay is better. But he didn't realise he is working as the lowest level job in the society, he works as a storekeeper, and another man works as a waiter. They've already felt proud of it.

To clarify, you'll only get 2.8k aussie dollar per month if u work 11 hours of pure labour everyday non-stop. For those who had worked that long before, you know it suffers more than death itself. You'll feel your leg like it's broken, your body pains like hell, and that pure pain persist for everyday, and u not getting any rest at all. It's true, I describe the experience not just according to myself, but from what they shared with me. The toll that is taken from the body: severe damage to the skin and nails of your feet, leg muscle damage that will take effect when you are old (u will not be able to walk properly or crippled when the time comes, if u over exert ur leg)

That is for the hardcore who solely wants to make money rather than caring about their own body.
So I think the best is you earn 2k aussie dollar max and maintain ur own body at the same time.

Those who migrated there were seeking to improve their life. But my life is good and doesn't need any improvement by going there, because it does no more improvement but a downgrade of life if I migrate to there, I'll improve my life further at here.
Some more when you migrate to there, life will be so lonely, extremely boring and pathetic. So far I have never seen anyone who migrated there lives a merry and jolly life yet. They all live in a house where it's so freaking dark and quiet at night you cant even see the road. People that you can mix with have been cut down to little, but if you can impress the white who live there maybe you can be friend with them who always look down to asian. I would say good luck with that.

After all these years, I have learned that 85% of the people who migrated to Australia live a solitary life, they have few friends and live in every single boring day. Unless you assimilate into their culture, mix with white, or local asians, you wont find Australia a happy place to live. The most painful about this is you have to act like them, and forget about ur own identity and style.

It's better to stay at our own place and think about how to improve our living condition and make money, rather than go overseas and work as cheap and low job, and then satisfy with the wages after it is converted into RM. I think if you migrate to overseas, most likely you'll work like this forever, unless you got skills and high qualification.

I know I can earn more if I go Australia and practice law, but I can equally earn that much as well if I stay and work at here.
There is no need to work overseas and convert the wages to make it looks a lot, you can be successful and become rich anywhere you want, not just overseas.

It's not because only if you go overseas then you can be successful and rich, that is wrong thinking.
Some more I live a luxurious life here, I don't want to migrate there. It will be me who's going to maintain it that way in the future, it'll be me who going to pay the bill one day.


H@rry said...

I love this post baby!! good job!

Ryousuke said...

haha thanks, im quite busy nowadays, i'll leave comment on ur blog soon