Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So many half-naked pictures, it was hot this lately.

It feels funny to me of what people think about my bank account, while I'm already at a level that they can't even comprehended.

I not bragging, but some people can never imagined. People would usually be squandering if they were in my shoes, but not me. I only squander for myself, not for other. In fact, I'm very stingy to things that I don't feel it's important. For example, I don't feel it's important to go for a vacation, therefore I would be very stingy in this case.

I don't like the idea that people have in their mind. People would usually take advantage of you when they know you are capable in terms of financial. That is what I hate the most, I can only be generous for people convenience. For example, I can be generous as to allow a person to drink the milk I bought, only for her convenience, not for long terms feeding her for free. Things that arent't really constantly consuming my money, like borrowing a book or any equipment to a friend is fine. I don't see why my milk has to be finished so soon, and other foods that I bought have to finish so quick, and I have to go out and buy it again, and come back to constantly feed people for free.

Most of all, I don't like the thought of feeding people for free, while it is other person's parent's job.

Apparently some people do have a bad thinking, it's somebody who told me that.

There are two noticable traits that I discerned over the past years, my friends who are very financially capable are better in his manner in terms of things that I mentioned above. They wont take your advantage and they always being fair and generous. (note that our generousity is only for convenience and friendship). In contrast, friends that are not very financially capable tend to take advantage of other people, and they will feel it's normal and smart to do so, because people are capable.

I think most of the people already knew about what I have said, I didn't say it because I'm so damn care about it, or too scrupulous. I only say it because I can only feel comfortable in the way that I always be. Or maybe I only say it because of my libra character as well.

Lastly, there are people who think like what I have said, and they think it's perfectly normal and smart. And they will surely feel offended of what I have said. But I don't give a damn care about them.

For a start, they already lack the good personality which everyone ought to have, are they lacked of home education or due to their predicament, are none of my concerns as well. You don't accept a badly made things, because of you know the reasons why it was badly made, but you concern about the improvement or proper functions, that it should have.

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