Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where I belong

They said my bedroom is as big as their entire flat, that is because they live in a low cost government subsidized flat, my bedroom is not that extremely big, it will be wasteful if I got an extremely big bedroom to contain just me.

I do live a comfortable life, that's because I got a very capable parents. But I'm poor, in terms of financial, I'm wholly self-reliant.
Because I have relinquished my right to inherit the money from my parents, I wish to make my 3 sisters pleased, as I'm the only son of my family I'm treated better than any of them since I was a child. And in my own thoughts, I wish to reimburse them.

I love my sisters, but the thing that I cant prevent is how my mom treats us, she certainly doesn't treat us equally. I'm the only person who will make her a real grandmother, not grandmother in law, I can certainly understand why. The only thing that I'll likely to inherit is this bungalow, a contemporary bungalow with no roof and a lot of windows, painted with grey and white. The reason is because it's my duty to take care of my parents when they are old, my sisters will be married to other persons, the house is my parents most beloved property, it was my mom dream house and it came true, they wont leave the house to my sister who will not be taking care of them, and it's impossible their husband will stay with my parents, I forbid that to happen because of chinese social norms issue.

My thinking is my house is extremely contemporary, it's likely to be the frontier of any house design for at least another 20 years. But then, I don't plan to live in this house forever, I plan to build another bigger house than the current by my own effort, and of course staying with parents forever they'll have to move with me by that time. My current house is designed or tailored to suit my current family, I don't think it will suit us in the future.

Where I belong is so much comfortable, So I don't enjoy departure at all. I don't enjoy living at overseas, unless I recreate and design a house like this at there. My mom and dad came out with brilliant ideas on this house, most of the furniture in this house are unique and custom-made, and distinct, the house design is so remarkable that it attracts a lot of people to photograph my house. Many have since copied my house design, they came and took photo of it showed to the contractors, some who went unreasonable and asked us to give them our blueprint, some wanted to come in and take photo, only one was being bastard and bribed our architect to give them our blueprint. The architect had done nothing about the design, we just hired him to put a signature on the blueprint.

Still got 3 days left, in fact tomorrow will be my last day on here, I'll be going penang before I leave. Each departure saddens me. I got 4 dogs right now, 1 beagle, 1 rottweiler and golden retriever mixed, 1 shi tzu and maltese mixed, and 1 pure breed poodle. 2 indoor and 2 outdoor, my home is so much warming with their presents. How can i leave? It's a bull shit that overseas is better than here, I'm different.

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