Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy birthday dad

Today is my dad birthday, dad I wish you a happy birthday and be healthy and happy forever. Thanks for being a good dad always, I love you.

I didn't say it to you myself, because I couldn't do it. I was still infuriated by that day when I was forced to use rude word first time in front of you, because of the arguments incited by my sister. I was so emo I just didn't have the right mood to say it.

But I wish I can let you know how much I love you dad. I'll be leaving soon back to melbourne, please take care of yourself.
Please take care of mom, I'm very worry about her, and my sisters.

Mom, I wish I can take back what I had said, sorry for being so unfilial, Mom I love you very much. I'm sorry that I have caused so much disappointment to you and dad, I shouldn't be playing game but spend more time with you. Please don't be worry because I have quit playing game, I just play that game because I was so unhappy about that last arguments, there were so many dissatisfaction that I made me wanted to play game to make you angry, as a means of punishing myself.

I'm sorry, I wont it again...
I love you Dad and Mom, please forgive me your son.

Tonight is my last night sleeping at my own room, I'll be back to Melbourne in two days later, tomorrow I'll go to Penang already. I'll miss my family, house, and my lovely hometown. I wish I don't have to leave..

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