Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was peeking at my dad through my home security camera, he was doing his ordinary routine.

It gives me a full view of what's going on in my home, mostly the surroundings but not the interior. There are 7 rooms in my house, of course non of them have cctv. Only the kitchen, dinning place and living rooms have. The benefit of technology enables me to probe into my family's life from far occasionally, how wonderful.

So miss my dad. I can proudly be half naked when I go home, just like him. I had no muscular and fit body like my dad used to have, so I never being half-naked all the time like him. Now I got already. I been gymming for almost a year, average twice a weeks, I almost prefected my body.

It was a harsh experience, it used to be, imagining doing weight lifting for 1 hour, 30 minutes of cardio, and then push up. The next day you'll get sore in the morning. (last for 1 week initially). I still remember it was torturing and no fun at all. Now is different, I'm totally enjoy gymming. No more sore body for me and I can lift up to 130 kgs, I can run for 40 mins or more, depends on my form. Beside having Ipod touch for me to watch youtube when I do cardio, listen music when I do weight lifting, I get to release my stress through exercise, gym is really a fun activity.

It's all worth it, I know one day I will reap the benefits from all the hard works that I've done. At least I got a robust shoulder for hot chicks to lean on.

I put a classic japanese song on my playlist, classic eh? wait until you listen till half. Totally a song for driving.... fast.

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