Sunday, August 23, 2009

Imagination went haywire

I donno what I was thinking when I write this song. Was thinking so many things, imaginating as well. So it turned out to be so noisy, whatever. Usually this is the time when the writer will scrap the paper he wrote, shoot it inside the dustbin and then re-write a new one. But I'm lazy to do that, re-write some part of my song means I'll be wasting more time and energy. Should organise my thoughts first before I write the song.

Nowadays I seldom do composition already, I write only on a whim only. This song is not really satisfying, but I decided to publish it, it could be the most crappy song I ever published.


Already got 千年 this song which I composed 1 year ago, it sounds bettter than this a lot. But it's my secret collection, I'm not gonna publish that. So I name this 千年二 .

One last thing, I have lost damn lot of pictures and musics that I had composed when I fix my laptop! Oh well, picture can take again, music can compose again also.

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