Thursday, August 27, 2009

15 malaysia short flim 2

This is totally opposite with the real situation. Usually the malay in group will hit chinese, you will seldomly see a group of chinese hitting malay. I got no other better explaination for this, other than being bluntly to say, that Chinese are generally not easily resort to violence, Malay are generally more easily of using violence agaisnt anything they dont like. As much as I hate it because I made a conclusion from observation without any evidence, I need not further to consolidate it, u guy judge it with your own conscience.

However, tat short flim sort of reflects a feeling that most of the minority malaysian have, as expressed by the dialogue " I felt an urge to hit that boy", a feeling of holding a grudge against the majority. This is not totally true, as portrayed by the short flim. We have the feeling of dissatisfaction, but not to the extend of letting it out by blasting someone else to coma, tat's a bit extreme and over exaggerated.

I think the message of the flims was to show that our nation inter-racial hatred is still strong and unity is hard to achieve if we havent really show any forbearance for each other.

Because it's most probably the feeling of the minority of malaysia is the main element of this entire issue, for the sake of conveying that message properly, I would say this scenario has falied to do so. Why not try like showing an argument between different races about something that which is clearly can be solved with tolerance and forbearance?? the plot of this flim is too unapparent, and in reality it is uncommon for such thing to happen.

Some people's comment about me:

R, i disagree with ur statements about whos more likely to hit who. different cases at other places.. what u see is those in kl.
but then again,as hard(heart)felt for these common racial statement as of course, we only have 3 races here… so not to offend anybody, 1 film = 1 race actors then? no?
racism is the big thing at the moment. we’re indeed one(1racistmalaysia? no?).

My reply:

I hope u did read a lot of newspaper. Have u ever heard about a chinese hit a malay car, and the chinese came down and was Beaten to Death by the malay when he summoned his whole kampung out to beat tat chinese? This is so common and it happens a lot, until all our parents educate us not to go out when we hit a malay’s car. And of course, like the flim, chinese beating malay to coma can happen also, but it’s generally more less happened than malay beating a chinese to coma. why showing something which is not the “main trend of the situation” to us? let’s say like showing a rich indian bully a poor malay and a poor chinese, tat’s so uncommon in reality.

I acknowledge the racist issue it was trying to convey here, but showing the real trend of the situation of the issue is more apparent and real. Why don he flim chinese dominates malaysia politic, with a chinese president, and they all bully and oppress the malay? that’s not the real situation and it’s pretty suck to watch it.

I don't like racism as much as you don't, but showing the real trend of something will make our heart content. As you say there are 3 races and 1 actor, if that so, whatever race they use please make it a suitable one for the scenario.

It's really unsatisfactory to see we as the bad guy in society, and the real bad guy is the victim. But I guess it doesn't matter, we are generous and open-minded, we just wanna voice out our thoughts and we wont further argue and hold vengeance one. We just want to make it clear the position of each of us in the current issue, and don't simply portray us generally as something we aren't without justification. After making clear of that, whatever they want to portray us doesn't really matter.

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