Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been borrowing the important books from the library and never intend to buy any also,
it's like the books are very limited, and it's hard to get. Everyone wants to borrow it, but all will have to wait forever haha because me gonna tapau all the books there and return and borrow again, continuing like this through out the semester. The strategy is return the book, and wait until it is returned to the shelf, you got to wait at somewhere close by anticipating the librarian to come. Meanwhile I'll study there to make up my time of silliness wait.

The reason I'm doing this is because the books I bought from the previous semesters, not even a single one has been sold out. They keep coming with new books new edition and quickly our books become obsolete and lose its market. I keep the books in a damn large box (which i lazy to photograph and upload it here), also put two books on sale at the uni book shop and almost half a year already the books are still there haven't been sold. I occasionally went to check on my books, and each time I got the feeling of unjustifiable stupidity, when I came out from there, after checking the flags for my books and found that it hadn't been sold yet. It will never be sold even if I put it there for a 100 years. Not just me who cant sell the books, lots of my friend cant sell even one also. All thanks to the publisher of the books which always publish a new edition of the book by simply adding a few pages and reassemble the topics.

And you know, our book may cost us hundreds of bucks, you notice the "S" I put at the back of hundred? I have brought at least 20 books.

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