Sunday, August 30, 2009

The work out

What's wrong with blogspot? the quality of the picture always drops when uploaded. Sien.

Last two days, my friends taught me about work out. He said I need to burn all my fat first before I start to build muscle, that's the right way. It was surprising to hear that, he knew I wasn't fat at all, and hardly get any fatter by eating many food, but still there are fats in my body which are not low enough for a fit body, not low enough to see the cutting on my body. He seemed to be right. So after taking his advice, I have been running, jogging, and push up like hell, to burn all my fat. I do push up at least 120 times everyday, jogging is not everyday but if I do jog I will jog for 30 minutes. The weather here is not suitable for jogging, it is too cold and the air is too thin and the result is you will pant heavily and feel like vomiting. That's why I dont jog long, unless I'm in the gym using cross trainer.

The knowledge of buliding a prefect body is essential, you cant just go gym and start lifting weight, drink protein drinks, and gain a huge body. That just stupid. You will build a huge muscle without cutting, not basic muscle. Huge muscle and basic muscle is totally different things, huge muscle attracts fat, basic muscle which is firm and tight wont attracts as much as huge muscle and it got cutting. Huge muscle will disappear itself if you dont maintain your gymming routine, basic muscle last longer even you dont go gym that often.

Here's a nice quote: "You prefer Ferrari or Lorry?" My friend told me one.

I got plenty of gymming knowledge right now, thanks to my friend who is a body trainer who always teach me how to build muscle. There are too many things to say, I'm not going to write it all down here, haha, lazy.


kenwooi said...

i went to gym a few years back.. but stopped due to hectic schedule.. now the time and money spent wasted.. =P

没人妖 said...

do some research on spot science it will help you more in muscle building.Which part you want to build more

R. said...

kenwooi: train your body is an investment, u will be amazed one day when u got surrounded by hot chicks. =)

Y: not necessarily, u just need some good advice only.