Sunday, August 23, 2009

One malaysia

Kak Yasmin appeared at the end of the scene, was caring for the boy, it really touches me.

Indian has been abandoned by our government for decades, their general welfare has been undermined by our government’s unspoken racist policies. I have sympathy for them genuinely.
Who can really discern their affliction?
It’s only people like Kak Yasmin who really knows their suffering can, not just that she is willing to give hand and help. She humbled herself in front of people, that's why she is depicted sitting down in that short flim to listen to their predicament.

That boy built the house from scrap he picked up from the garbage yard, in reality this is true, their houses are built in such way, I know because I've been there. They dont even have enough money to eat, and their dream is limited, to live only. This is depicted as the intention of that boy who wants to live in his own crappy house, instead of a fancy house.
How can such thing happen in malaysia?
Please wake up malaysian, u havent seen the ugly part of this nation yet. The government is not helping the indian community, and they are left to die themselves, living in a crappy house. They are human beings too for God's sake.

I noticed that when the boy walking at the pavilion, there are three words at the roof which are "Respect, Justice, and finally Self-esteem." These three words strongly represent somethings that are lacked in our nation.

Stop listening to those who have the biggest voice over the nation, they are true deceivers who will not tell such tale of this. Imagine how Khir Toyo's house would be. Fuk him.

Please be fair to everyone, everyone has the right to live well.
Stop being racist.

The making of house:


没人妖 said...

1 black malaysia perhaps? but soon free media will expose more of their hero act

R. said...

whoa, u seems to know a lot