Sunday, August 2, 2009

ISA remonstration

I had come to know about the demonstration of ISA at KL street just now, I was shocked by the news. People are more and more becoming aware of the essentiality of being a democratic country and hence asserting their rights publicly protesting the ISA.
I knew that it wasn't the first time that they held a demonstration to protest for something that they were against the government, and this wasn't really the biggest protestation with sheer number of people. I was somehow, astounded a bit when knowing that the malays joined the protest agaisnt the ISA, it seems that they have realised that such Act is inconsistent with human rights and its effects are wreaking havoc in the fundamental human rights that we supposely but rightfully enjoyed and constantly seek to shore up with.
It seems that Malaysia politics is going into a turmoil, soon it could stir up abhorrence among the people who still wanting to grip on the country according to their often having disapproval ways. It could turn out ugly, and I'm not really prepared to look it. The ingredient for chaos is coming into existence, as you can see...

I can only be the observer of history, before I can really be the writer of it.


没人妖 said...

i was ther when this incident occur~cause traffic jam

R. said...

yea, how was there? i didnt have the chance to see it. now they deciding to amend the act rather than abolishing it = =