Sunday, August 16, 2009

The ballroom

I took you to the ballroom that night, it was empty but us.
You trusted me and you came alone, although it was dark and creepy. Although it took you a hassle to come, you came anyway.
I was supposed to play piano for you, but just before it, my dream was broken.

I have no idea where are you now, the number you gave me is no longer in use. I supposed you went overseas and the number had been terminated. Even so, I kept calling you every year. I knew it's somebody number right now, I called because I was hoping it could be you. It rangs, but never been picked up. I knew you went overseas, the number had been recycled.
I hope you not in England right now, because I'm in Australia.
I asked you to go England so we can meet over there, but I went Australia instead.
I'm sorry...

I wanted to tell you something that night...

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