Friday, August 28, 2009

How to spot an idiot

"We need such an ISA act to prevent the minority group who are trying to distract, create unharmonious situation among the 27 milion of the malaysian citizen"

So the ISA is enacted to protect the malay group?
"Yea~ as the native, as the people who are majority so~"

And to keep the malay in power?
"Yes, because the reality in this country has shown that the malays are the majority, and only malays, the stability of the malays can also assure, can also guarantees, the stability of of other races."

You see his face you sure know he is a person with an IQ of 300.


没人妖 said...

well never mind maybe next election see who is the winner?the rakyet or the greedy power gang

R. said...

not entirely certain, u know there are still many airhead, and BN is very manipulative, the people might be duped again, like always.