Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's time

I been using headband this lately, so I can "see clearly". I know my long hair been obstructing my view, not long after I gonna cut my hair already. I took off my headband and my hair stood and flat.

I know eventually I will have to cut my long hair, exposing my forehead. That will be the future me, it's inevitable, because I promised my parents I will do that. I asked them to let me be whoever I want first, before I bound to their wants. It's a chinese belief that one should expose their forehead to attract good aura include emitting aura, and I do believe that. It got some good basis to support with, if you cover your face too much people might not able to recieve influence from you. So, I believe it on different basis from my parents, I believe it based on more logical explaination.

I emitted enough aura already, remember when I was "bald" at high school, school rules mandated us to cut a very short hair almost near to bald. I looked fierce without any hair. Now with hair I look a bit different. I will cut my front hair for sure, for a more stable and mature look, donno when that is that.

I dont like blogspot, the quality of image drops after you uploaded it. It was a clear picture now it's blurred. I dont like blur picture, I donno why people like to blur it, I even got friend who got all her pictures blurred.


没人妖 said...

if in Malaysia keep a long hair during hot season really torturing

R. said...

not at all, long hair actually protects u from scorching sun.