Friday, August 7, 2009


Estrella is a malaysia indie band, I first came to know about them from somebody's blog.

Their music surprised me, totally changed my view on malay's music. I always had an impression that malay only make rock music, and their rock music is not the mainstream one, I believe they call it kampung rock. Not just that I also thought they only make song like Siti Nurhaliza one, or song that is full of anguish and pain like there's an echo and total emptyness, and a heartaching guy sings with total severity.

But this one different, I was totally relaxed and enjoyed with their music. Substantially improve my impression on malay's music, but not entirely, because it's not original they merely combine or mimic the western indie style. In spite of that, I still like their music, their subliminal tune is extraordinary, next thing you know you might already fall for it. The lead singer is very cute too, I guess I'm still easily fond of girl who knows music. Her voice has a pleasent lilt and is very capturing, so you got a cute girl + good voice and knows music, what a lethal combination. This definitely the band that I'll root for.

Their lead singer Liyana.

Here's their famous song: Stay.

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