Thursday, October 15, 2009

B day~

Today, is my birthday.

It's not important, I dont remember when is the last time I celebrated my birthday, really. I have to mention about my birthday because it's funny, not because someone has celebrated birthday with me, but because I got a lot of people chatting with me at msn, only two of them know it's my birthday. That not including my best friend and my own sister. That's disapointing a bit.

It's maybe because I never care about birthday, I don't even remember anyone's birthday at all. I'll only know it's someone's birthday through facebook. And I'll only know my sisters and parents' birthday when my sis tell me or when they plan to celebrate.

I'm 21 already today, the times that I celebrated my birthday, I think, doesn't even over 4 times. Might be less. I have not much memory of celebrating my own birthday, but got hell lot of memories celebrating my parents, my sisters' birthday.

It's because, I never want a birthday celebration, I dont know why. However, I do wish my gf will celebrate it with me, to experience it in a different way.

The funny thing is my sister, she always knows my birthday every year, and she would say happy birthday to me. But this time, it just happened that, she talked to me for so long and we had a long conversation, she didn't say it to me. First time it happens, because there were many times that I forgot my own birthday, and it was she who said happy birthday and reminded me every year.

However, it doesn't matter, it's just funny when we can talk for so long and she knows nothing.

I have been busy studying this lately, I don't have time to update my blog. Exam is just around the corner, I have no time to slack anymore. If you seeing that picture, I'm doing a Kuso effect, like this music.

I start to wonder, whether it's me who is cutting the connection with everyone around me? I don't have the initiative to find people and talk to them, unless they are girl who I'm interested and wanted to chase. Even my best friend, I seldomly talk to him like chit-chat for fun, unless I got something important to tell him or something to show him or ask him. I'm always reading article and watching video, should pay more attention to friend, more. I bold it because I just didn't do that often, doesn't mean I didn't do at all.

It's important to establish a large friend network for you to get more opportunities and chances when you start entering the society and work. I know that. But this is not necessary true, a lot of great people didn't have a lot of friend when they were young, they were not socially active but they are very capable and competent, they are smart and know how to plan. And they are the one who people want to rely to. I guess they made a few valuable friends, and that is enough already.

Those kinda large network of friend is only necessary for those who cant do the work themselves, and have to rely on people, because they are not competent. However, don't ever preclude the benefits from it, you can still establish a large network of friend, even you are capable of doing things yourself. For me, I think we need a true and faithful friend, that will help each other during hardship or when you are in a predicament. You must know as much people as you can, but you don't have to waste time socialise with every single one of them, and not focus on any. Focus on a few capable and faithful friend, offer true friendship and good personality to them. That is the proper way.

I know a lot of people, I can go out and hang out with anyone, can call out a lot of friend who I'm not familar with and hang out with them, but I dont have to do it deliberately for the purpose of getting more friend for my future chance and opportunity, that just hypocrisy. If you bear that intention in mind when you making friends, you are not being genuine, you are just waiting to derive benefits from them. So I only call them out for enjoyment and pure socialisation. A help from friend is important, but it's earned by real friendship or sincerity.

Constantly make friends, the more the better. Do it without any vested interest, be flexible, and be compatible. Still, hold on your own value, judge friend occasionally to see whether they are worth to be your friend or not, Because if you made a wrong friend it will prevent you from moving forward and achieving success, if you made a right friend, they will wont prevent or hinder you from success, sometimes they will help you too. You can be friend with any person in the society no matter what job he does, as long he is faithful, truthful, no malice intention, and has a pure heart.

So I proposed here, establish a network of friends, It doesn't have to be very large, but it needs to have quality. You think yourself, if you have been making friend who only laugh when you are good, run away when you are in predicament, then you are just establishing a large network of friends, with no quality in it.


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hello big boy,happy birthday to u! Muaahhhhhhh !

Ryousuke said...

Harry: tak guna punya budak, hai! no hope for malaysia already. haha just kidding lar, thanks la meng =D

Lock! thank u!

Ruby: yeah, im big boy. 21 legal already. Ruby kiss my heart jumps quick just now #^_^#"