Saturday, October 31, 2009

A simple song

It's been a long time since I last published a song here.
Finally I got a new songs already, they are just simple songs.

Here's the songs:

最后 and 感觉来了

I wrote the second song after I had a 2 hours talk with somebody. Looks like my source of inspiration is back! yosh! The first song I finished like 2 months ago? but I didn't publish it.

Overall, they sound crappy, to regain my inspiration is not an easy process. And they are just a draft music, I used like 1 hour the most to compose it. Look at the time I took to write them! don't critise me, just imagine how the music would be. Anyway geocities closed already, that means all my old songs are now unable to be downloaded. I'm lazy to upload all of them too, I will take some time to do it.

The 2009 music are quite few also, I'll have to write a lot of music to fill it up before 2010. I can complete one song in one day (1-2 hours), provided I'm not fatigued.

PS: Somebody has certainly responded. Let it be the end of it.

Ok, back to study.

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