Monday, October 26, 2009


I don't want to say much about my home's maid. She is a good indomaid, hardworking and kind-hearted. That's all. But I want to say a lot about this maid, Minka Lee! I know quite a lot about her, but I don't have time to tell story now, I got exam! Damn, I'm writing this post just to kill or suppress the urge of telling tale about her.

My friend said watching her dance is like a waste of time, but I don't think so, I watch her dance like everyday, I almost watch finsihed all her videos. It's all pretty recent, like just a few months ago.

Watch this one! Got school girl somemore, Faint Lah~~~!!!

I siao maid like so much, first dress I gonna buy for my gf is definitely a maid dress, wahahahaha (but I dont have gf = =). Anyway, this is not a recent picture, it was taken 1-2 month ago. I got shorter hair and look better I guess , lol!

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