Thursday, October 8, 2009

The dream

Friend, I saw you are happy, I'm glad.

I heard that you cant pursuit your own dream, but I see you are trying to live the best out of you, you are always smiling. I know that your ambition is to become a doctor, but you can only be something that fall short of it. I know how it's like for you, because I know you since we were at high school.

Sometimes in life we cant get everything we want, sometimes we do but we let go of it, unappreciated.

Dont worry my friend, I'll complete my dream for you, at least you would know your friend does complete his dream.

I will be a great individual, I know, because I shed tears for your ambition. Your dream, it's like a child wanting for a mother's warmth, and that desire is greater than any desire...

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