Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The theory of relativity

I am fascinated with Einstein's theory, really, even though my discipline is not about science.

I excel at all science subjects before and during my pre-u, until now my memory of the science facts and theories are still vivid, I can even discuss with my friend about them. I have been really busy lately, I don't have time to update my blog. But this freaking thoery has been loitering in my mind for 1 week ever since I watched the E=mc2 movie, that movie explains everything about the theory that Einstein proposed, also it's about a documentary about his life and the history of the development of science theories.

The theory of relativity:
It goes roughly like this, I'm not pro, don't expect me to be completely accurated. I make it simple for you to understand. It's said that when two objects travel at a certain same speed, they will see each other generally static and not moving away. But the third party in this case would see differently. A third object would see that two objects are moving away from him. The first object are relatively at the same speed as the second object, but not the third object.

It was proposed by Maxwell, the speed of light will always be constant, even when you are traveling at a speed of light you will still see the light are moving away from you with the speed of light itself. So if you are traveling at a speed of light, you are not aligned with the light and therefore everything turns dark or invisible because the light cant reach your eyes when you are traveling at its speed.

Is that so? I don't really know that point, Maxwell could be right. But Einstein proposed that time will slow down when you are traveling at a very high speed. That's a the crux of the theory of relativity. The time that we are enjoying now is actuall the pace of the light itself, 1 second is actually the time for the photon of light to complete one wave length, or 2 displacements. If we are traveling at the speed of light, the road for the photo will increased or elongated, therefore longer wave length, and therefore 1 second is longer, hence time will slow down. ( I learned this from another science documentary) The Einstein suggested that we are relatively moving by reference to the pace of a light. This theory is absolutely true.

It's more than what I said ok, it's a big theory, I tried my best to grasp the whole thing, but so far I came out with this simple explaination.

What I'm thinking is the photo of light is traveling at one direction, that is forward. We can slow time in the sense that we are jumping over it, instead of living it. But how can we travel back to time? It seems that it's impossible for us to travel back to time, quite impossible. It's like a pizza, you can take out 2 slices, and join the rest to form a circle, but not adding 2 slices and form a circle because where you gonna get that extra 2 slices?

The fact that we are living at a pace which referencing the pace of light, fascinates me a lot. I mean who set all the rules? Why we must follow that pace? I can only awe and expect something great about these laws of nature will bring us. All these knowledges are used to feed my imagination, that's why I like to watch science or history documentary, like astro I sure watch 551-555 channels, got discovery channel, history channel, national geographic, Science channel, just I dont watch TVIQ, because it sucks!

And I assumed that nobody will read this article, because it's boring. It's just that I like to imagine and I imagine things a lot, that's why I write this post. Exam is nearing, I don't really have time to bother things which is not my interest, so I'm sorry that I refused to help my friend, it's just that I will feel damn stress if I help them, I rather write blog which is my interest and not stressful.

My friend, please bare with me for 1 months until my exam is over, then I will make over my blog and make it interesting. I know it's been quite down this lately. I have whole bunch of thing running in my head right now that I wish to write about, but all have to wait until the exam is finished.

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