Monday, October 5, 2009

Densha otoku

I have watched Densha Otoku, it is nice!

It's a 4 years old movie, but I had no chance to watch it. Today I finally got it and watched it, it's a great movie!!!

I think a lot of people know the story, I don't want to tell it here, you can watch it yourself. I can send you guys a CD soft copy of it if you want, only for my close friends, because I think it's hard to find that movie already, I mean pirated one.

In short, it's a movie with a lot of excitements and surprising elements, and it's very touching, with a lot of emotion going through and you might cry (seriously). It will be very satisfying to watch it, I'm sure of that. Maybe because I'm otaku or what, for normal people they might just say there's nothing exciting about it.

This was taken days ago. I'm now starting to wear headband already.

Out of topic.

I find it hard to talk freely to someone who has a big ego, and not willing to concede. As for now, I afraid I might be offending her for writing it down here, she might disagree with what I'm saying, I can almost foresee that. But seriously my intention is good, I remember she claimed that her english is good, so I thought I might be able to learn something from her. I have been watching American Tv Series this lately, and I was confused by their english, their english is a bit different than ours definitely, and I had a doubt about a small thing.
I thought I asked her about is or was, in the context of just completing an action for today, and that was it. She contested about the other things like have and at instead of giving me the answer to my question. So I took my time to understand her grammar, even though it wasn't about my question. She seemed pretty upset when I tried to correct her, I was traumatized again, thought I was helping but in fact making somebody unhappy. She droppped out of the conversation instantly, saying that it wasn't important as long the reader can understand what we were saying, and calling me pro grammar. I sweated, but held on to my emotion.

I learnt a lesson today, I guess we should not pick out somebody's error and try to correct them if possible, it's about somebody's capability and I guess that will import the feeling of being underestimated and they don't like it. But that's entirely wrong, learning is humble, it always has, we all learn from zero. I'm just expressing my true feeling, if she hates me after reading this, I don't think she is the friend that I want to have, because I'm already humbling myself, asking her a grammar problem, and she expressed view that my sentence is wrong but in fact it's right. Those sentences were not written by me, I copied it from an article.

I have to talk about this not because it's a big matter, nor because it's trivial then I should not talk about it. That kind of saying is not honourable, because I treat her as a friend not stranger that I wouldn't care. But sometimes we should let them be, instead of correcting them that may often them. And therefore, I was wrong, and sorry.

I have a friend who is lousy on english, I always correct him with fun, but this was no fun, and I was traumatized and scared. I'm truly sorry if offended her but I will not change my principle about learning and attitude, that's I have no problem to be stupid and wrong rather than being smart all the time, and it's fun and you learn something while being taught by people. I can ask a dumber grammar question if I really need to, because I'm perfecting my grammar and it's an important part of learning. I just wonder why we cant realise to our own error, rectifies it, without being upset and have fun in that process.

In fact, her response was not really what I expected, I was shocked, afraid of offending her further, why would I have this feeling?! If for me, I would ask further questions if I really don't know or not sure. Ok then, I have said what I want to say.


I wish I can meet somebody like densha otoku did, actually he was quite lucky for a start. Otaku have no market today, not in Malaysia, that's why I'm developing another character, that is 型男, by going gym every week and jogging at night. Gym is to increase the muscle size, jogging is to trim up the muscle for cutting. That character is still on building, but I will not forsake my Otaku identity! 宅男万岁!!! 民,支持一下 T.T~~~


H@rry said...

haha~~hopefully u can be 型男咯!!
faster get a hot girl friend!!
waiting for u intro ur girl friend to me!! haha~~

Ryousuke said...

感动着T.T~~~ 谢谢支持!
u also, get a hot gf!

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Ryousuke said...

(( ;゚д゚)).. 看来没有型男也不行 。。。