Thursday, October 8, 2009

Does god exist?



没人妖 said...

Well everything is all about human behavior and thought.

try to keep an open mind while watch the video below :

Ryousuke said...

I'm open minded, unfortunately the information there is inaccurate and weak.

there are many versions of that same mythological god, the movie only claims one of those many versions and stretches the fact. while christ got only 1 version, and it's written by 4 different authors which shows consistency. so if u read the bible, you will have to read 4 times the story about jesus.

if u believe in devil (which Im sure it's easy to find), you sure believe in god. it's just tat simple. because this world is not ruled by devil, but god.

The movie uses analogical argumentation to show the similarities between the astrology, mythical gods and the christ. you can find there are basis for the facts they have claimed, but their reliability is very questionable. And by using all that only to forcefully fit that description regardlessly, anything could be anything, like the thorn can be the sun beam, do not tell lies is similar with must tell the truth, or angel could be shooting star if you like. To fit the description, they must interpret it as such. so it's damn weak and unconvincing, convincing only to those lay person who has no brain to think further. Like if I publish gods are actually alien, I'm sure millions of people would believe it.

let's assume it's true, the similarities suggest that it's a make up story. If so, the make up story must be huge, because all the authors have been showing consistency for thousands of years, if you wan tell lie there must be a collaboration between the authors. let's assume they copy from the old beliefs and astrology, the authors were mainly uneducated person, they were not astrologist or scholar, they were just ordinary persons, how they did that i really donno.

Let's assume they did make up or copy those stories, i still believe there's god, because I can see ghost myself. and all the gods in this world, you must choose one, and it's ur personal choice. that movie makes no difference anyway. if u choose not to believe any god, it's ur loss, because what if there's a god and you despise him, what you think he will do?

没人妖 said...

well just take it as a knowledge^^ cause i believe in religion as well^^ we can believe but not too over it.

Ryousuke said...

u showed me tat video saying everything is about human behaviour and thoughts, and then u said u believe in religion.= =" that video is made by atheist, they don believe in any religion.

没人妖 said...

Forgot to mention i'm a media student and study a movie or video also one part of my studies. Em what i trying to said is
"human behavior still play the major roles like once if you did something seriously wrong like commit a murder no matter how hard you pray you can't make the person back to life or heal their love's one heart. We can believe but not over it . :)"

sorry for my bad English :|

Ryousuke said...

= =""""""""""""
you no need to mention u r media student. that fact that u r a media student doesnt mean u have to show me that video. And it's part of ur study not mine. it makes no difference whether u r media student or not.

Cant understand the whole phrase u dotted. But I guess u r implying that religion is nothing but a human behaviour and you cant bring a person back to life with religion.
Unfortunate, Religion is never about bringing someone back to life. So i have no choice but to improve ur badly given example, by taking the implication that you mean religion cant perform miracle.

First of all i never agree religion is just about knowledge, or "human behaviour". I know what's god doing, and what is not.

we are unpure, we can only see and witness the evil doing more than the miracle. and I don have to use that evil doing like bomoh for instance, to prove the existance of miracle. I have seen miracle enough for me to believe that religion is important.

religion is more than a knowledge because mere knowledge wont makes u a better person. religion is not about human behaviour, religion produces and promote good behaviour. religion is not about what people perceived and interpreted, it was born within the existence of god itself.

The mere fact tat u believe in the existence of god, religion is born.

You are only entitled to say that religion is about "human behaviour" if u don beleive in god. Get it?

Ryousuke said...

"believe but not over" = a bit bit believe, but dont have to care or pay attention so much about it.

what's the point if u believe in something, and still have to think in that way?

never be too obsessed is the words that I think we should never cross. But it doesnt mean you cant be active in participation of religion, it doesnt mean you cant show enthusiasm for religion. If you join a club, of course you can be active and show enthusiasm, but why not a religion?

you can be obsessed with superstar, you can shout and cheer for football like a mad man, but not religion? im just making a point here, doesnt mean u have to shout and cheer for religion.

I suggest be balanced in everything, pay equal attention for everything in your life. 不要迷,只要信, i agreed, but it is too vague and often defined as don pay so much attention to religion. assume god place us in this world, with garden and livestock to manage, does he want us to pay 24 hours attention to him? no.

divide equal and quality time for religion, show enthusiasm, keep mind open, be normal. i believe it's tat way you should do it.

religion should be treated as religion, not something that falls short of religion. "don overly believe" seems to suggest that we should treat it lesser. I think we should tune back to normal level, show correct level of interest on religion, not not showing less or no interest at all on religion.