Saturday, October 3, 2009


CB, I didn't eat mooncake for 2 years already. Tomorrow I'm going to buy it. It cost like $25 bucks for 4 mooncake here, that means RM75 for 4 mooncake, how expensive!

I just saw my ex-gf picture, she looked horrible, just like a 20 years old girl wearing a 30 years old cloth and make up. WTF is this? I'm not saying my ex bad thing because we broke up like 3 years ago, there's no significance of saying that. But I'm asking why girls always depart from their own age fashion, and adopt the 30 years old girl fashion? for example they like to wear attire with a lot of cloths, a little bit like the western fashion, which looks mature and class but not exactly right for their age.

I know it looks nice, but if you wear it now at age 20, what you gonna wear at age 30? still the same? that means you wont have any change at all.

Anyway, I was shocked by my ex-gf, I almost jump up my chair. But there was one thing which is even worst and made me fell down from my chair. A lady... no ... a female came out from no where have made a comment about my facebook status. (I wrote I was shocked by my ex-gf changes) She said my ex must be very UGLY because SHE NEVER NOURISHES HER SKIN. I was like WTF?? I saw her picture she probably weighs like 200 kg.

I replied "maybe maybe... she was very pretty one." And then it came something which is even more terror than terrorist itself, it's like communist and civil right combined, she PM me at facebook. I replied in a very normal way like saying "hi", "ya, im good", I was being nice to her, in that process, I was getting the chill through out my body when she was asking me more questions.

She repeated to me that my ex is ugly, and she said one more thing, which I laughed until I would go crazy... "I'm more pretty leh". OMG... I was silent for 3 seconds, tickled. And then I laughed again hysterically! oh man this is funny, I wonder where she get her confidence from. I could turn crazy if I get another one of this. First she said my ex ugly, then said she is pretty. Anyway, thanks to her I could really have a big laugh yesterday.

Daylight saving has already commenced, robbed 1 hour again. Now the time difference between Malaysia and Australia is 3 hours, if I sleep at 2 a.m, that means at Malaysia only 11 p.m. The 2 hours difference would be better, because I can stay up until not so late and still able to chat with the night owls from Malaysia.


鲁比 said...

hahah i got very shocked too by looking at my ex-bf picture,he is few years younger than me yet he already looks like uncle now,gosh.

(oh btw,that chic who weights like 200kg probably have a crush on u?hehehe...)

Ryousuke said...

haha, people change, but they also left us lots of good memory to remember.

maybe haha, but i don wan, would be better a lot if it's u, hahahah