Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perfume disco

As a 宅男, I must like perfume, no choice.

Perfume is a raising band from Japan, they sing techno music. Not pure techno, because I know techno ain't cute. This one is cute, it is so mesmerising. Watching 3 girls dancing cutely, is surely my thing. I prefer the dancing like this than erotic dance, It looks innocence and seems to have "good future". I mean, the sense of stability.... hard to explain.

Anyway, my friend sure WTF me if they know that. Ok, here's my point, perfume is the only band that is girly in my iPod. They don't make them dance cutely just for girl, guy would be attracted as well. Cute girl attracts guy, and guy likes cute girl,but guy would never practice cuteness, it's totally shit, and I hate that shit.

Here's the theory, Girl create cuteness, Guy would want to destory and own cuteness. You get what I mean? like I always have the urge to rip off somebody sock, 蕾丝 one, I always do. A lot of girl wear like that here.

Here's their MV, watch this first. Later is the imitations of this dance!

I don't know why they cover their face with mask, weird.

These otaku are pretty good, worth a watch. Looks dumb but it's good.

You have to admit, perfume dance is very popular at Japan. They even dance it in front of Mac Donald

They are more guys imitating perfume, seriously. This one is really funny, they farking cincai do only, got hip hop at the middle.


H@rry said...

why must be zhai nan wor??
Go hang out with people and meet more new people lo!!
haha~~~ my level of 宅 had decrease recently!!

Ryousuke said...

u will become the 宅男 soon... I know one...