Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It was weird, everything was.

It all started two days ago. There are two cute Aussie living at my floor, I see them like quite often, but I never see them walk out of the bathroom wrapped in towel, as seen on the movie, because we share the same toilet. We have different bathing time, and their room is quite near to the toilet, only takes like 2-3 seconds walk, so the chance of seeing them walk out of bathroom with towel wrapped is rare.

Two days ago, at night, I bumped into one of the aussie girl at the toilet door, I was half-naked, she was wrapped in towel. We made way for ourselves, she said sorry for blocking me, but I was blushing and couldn't say anything because she was too near to me. I thought I was lucky, because for 9 months I have been living here, the occasion of seeing her walk out of room is like less than 15 times, not to mention seeing her wrapped in towel from bathroom. At that same night, I was out again for toilet, I saw her brushing teeth at the toilet, staring at me with that unsatisfying look, like I owe her money or something. I was a bit blurred on that time, I stared back at her but wouldn't dare to stay long, I didn't understand what was going on there. I washed my face and headed back to my room.

Another occassion happened on yesterday, I bumped into a girl who I first met during my first year. She is the most beautiful asian girl in my course, I know her, we once sat together on a bus to city. she is elegance, the most superior and high quality form of beauty. Since first year, we have stopped talking to each other, there is hardly a chance for us to talk back now. At first I didn't notice her walking towards my direction, but because she was staring at me that it quickly drew my attention. She got a nice eyes, but I didn't understand why she was staring at me for so long as she was demanding me to look back.

Back to the hall, I saw my classmate, she is from Hong Kong. It happened when I went out for toilet I saw her passing through my floor, going to Uni to attend our class. I told her I was skipping class because I was too tired, she smiled at me and went off.

Today, at this morning, I bumped into another aussie girl which I haven't, she was wrapped in towel, and I was half-naked. I came out of toilet and she was just going in. At that moment, I was thinking, "why am I seeing everyone these days? Are my luck is going to end or continue?" I thought 4 cases in two days should be the end of it, but it isn't. I saw her again the same aussie girl when I came out from my room for the second time. So I saw two of the aussie girl, each in two times and each on one day.

That's weird, I said to myself.

But the weirdness hasn't end yet. I ran into another girl again, who I had played basketball with, I know her name but we never actually talk, because I never contact her after that. She is very pretty, I would chase her if I got her number. Shortly after a few second, I bumped into another girl who had interrupted me for many times when I was playing piano at the music room, she always knocked the door, I went out only seeing her smiling at me, but that ended when I SLAMMED the door because I got pissed by interruption. She is the one who stares at me the most, and that creeps me a little bit. Again shortly after a few second when I was walking, I bumped into another girl who I always go to the library with, she was eating while walking. I always think she is very cute like mashimaro, but not really my type because she is too weak, I don't like girl who is too weak.

After all the encountering, I thought it should ends already, but it hasn't.

Later evening, I was at the Dinning Hall getting my dinner, then came a girl who was trying to know me but I didn't show any interest. She jumped in front of my line staring at me, then looking at the food. I said "hi" to her but nothing more.

That's what happened today. When I think of it it starts to freak me out, why am I meeting all girls who have a connection with me in just three days continuously? Is this fate calling me to reflect on all the girl that I have known? What will this reflection brings me? What meaning it conveys? If so there is one girl who I have a connection with but I still haven't meet yet, will it happens tomorrow or what? or it already ends?

If fate is leading me, I wish I would be led to meeting her. If we are supposed to end, then I do wish to know.


Pui Meng said...

Fate asked u go to chase the girl u want!!! haha~~~ jia u!!!

Ryousuke said...

lol, thanks meng, u so fast read already, geng~