Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avoiding fate

The weirdness continues, I starting to wonder what's going on.

I bumped into 4 girls today, and two of them twice. It's day 4 already and it hasn't stop yet. I just want to talk about 1 girl particularly, she stood there and waited for me, and she looked at me and smile. I didn't know what to do and how to react, I just walked away without saying anything.

It's been so as I'm meeting girls that I know and have connection with, one by one all. Why is this happening? Can someone explain this to me? My uni is the largest of all Australia uni, and for almost 2 years I'm here I hardly bumped into anybody that I know by accident, but since 3 days ago, I bumped into around 12 girls and I know all of them.

There's just one person that I haven't bump into.

I'm avoiding fate, I supposed to meet her today. But I knew what fate was going to do, I asked my friend who else is going to follow her to library, and she said Catherine. The chances of that happening is rare, so it's fate that I be eventually meeting her. But I rejected that fate, I declined that engagement, and said I'm going home for study.

Fate hasn't stop it's effort of getting us together, I went home and found that I lost my thing at the lecture hall, it forced me to get back and find it. I did so, I just came back from the uni, I ran back and forth to retrieve my item before Catherine class is over. Her class will end in 20 minutes time, if I walk slowly I might bumped into her today. But I was avoiding fate...

This is extremely weird, will I meet more girls accidently again by tomorrow? I really need somebody to tell me what's going on. This is serious, it's been so weird already, like I can meet one person two or three times per day.


ĊōńNię said...

zzz.. 命运的抓弄。好好体验吧~~

Pui Meng said...

it was cool weh!!
should talk with the girl u met!
gentlement please!!!

Ryousuke said...

cool meh meng? I got a bit scare u know.

Ryousuke said...

connie: fate is not playing me, I'm just avoiding it, like always.