Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Study, assignment, and tutorial. All have taken a toll on me.

I wish I got more free time to sleep, huh... why am I saying that? Is my old illness back again? Yes I have been feeling tired all the time, my sleepy-illness is back. It's a hereditary diesease, my dad told me already (he got it too). It's likely nothing can cure it permanently, I have to take care one part of my organ which supposedly the root of the problem, my intestine.

My dad told me I cant eat spicy and/or sour food, taking those food will make me really tired and unable to focus. It's a real illness and possibly rare one. So think, what have I been taking this lately... Seasoned sour tuna fish! Damn it, no wonder I began to feel sleepy this lately. I feel like I just wanna hug my pilow and sleep deeply and soundly. I think garlic is the problem as well, not just spicy and sour things. I use quite a lot of garlic than usual in my cooking, guess I have to cut that as well.

I guess any food that is having an affect at intestine will make me feels tired and weary. Wonder how my dad dealt with that problem, he said he been taking medicine for intestine for years to recover but no permanent cure. Will that help me?

Gosh, I been sleeping at lectures. Couldn't help it.

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没人妖 said...

eat balance meal should be ok.dont over do heavy exercise